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    Who all makes 10/22 parts/accessories these days?

    Specifically I'm thinking about barrels and stocks.

    I KNOW about the big boys - Kidd, VQ, Tactical Solutions, Green Mountain, Whistle Pig.

    What about stocks? I like the idea of a Hogue Overmold stock. Anyone else make comparable polymer stocks?

    Currently my rifle is wearing the pencil profile stainless steel barrel (and silver painted receiver) + a re-finished Beech stock. But I think the stock is too short for me. I feel way too cramped up behind the rifle when I'm down on the scope. So, I'd like to explore some options!

    I like the idea of a medium/bull profile barrel...but not the weight.
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    if you want a medium or lightweight bull barrel, your best (but most expensive) bet will be the vq carbon fiber tensioned bbl but at 285.00 it costs more than most 10/22's!

    as for the stock
    I really like the Blackhawk axiom, but I think its been discontinued, light weight, takes either bbl, and it free floats the bbl
    I looked at a magpul x22 stock, but the grip angle is a little too far off the nice thing about it is that it is able to take both normal profile and 920 bbls all you do is flip a plastic piece in the forearm
    I had a ramline folding stock on mine, but one side of one of the locks broke off, and it was wobbly on my shoulder (I shouldn't complain I guess, the stock was about 30 years old) so its in the factory stock (for now)

    you could go to this site, they have stocks, plus they have stock/bbl combos

    I shot a pin league last year, and one guy had a stock like this
    ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)" title="Name: 766645.jpg Views: 1 Size: 72.4 KB">766645.jpg
    but in blue/gray and it was high gloss, he also had the vq carbon fiber light weight bbl, and it was a sweet looking gun!

    BUT if you haven't done anything to the trigger yet, cdnn has the ruger bx trigger on sale for 59.99 and mine breaks at about 2.5 pounds!

    there is a facebook group for 10/22's 'Americas ruger 10/22 forum" and the group admin has worked out group pricing on parts from most dealers (including kidd)

    good luck in this addiction!
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    I have put a bunch of VQ parts into the innards. I didn't go crazy with it, but I did upgrade most things!

    VQ charging handle / recoil spring assy
    VQ auto bolt release
    VQ exact edge extractor
    VQ target hammer
    PC extended mag release lever
    Buffer Technologies polymer recoil spring / bolt buffer

    I've seen those wooden stocks like that before. I love the look of them - generally. I just don't think that I want one.
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    as of now my 10/22 has
    factory stock
    factory barrel
    ruger bx trigger
    vq extractor
    vq auto bolt release (that thing is a god send)
    buffer technology bolt buffer
    crossfire gear extended mag release
    and an aim sports modern warfare sight

    I got hooked on shooting bowling pins last year and the sight is perfect initially I purchased one because it was on sale, but after I put it on the rifle, and shot it the skull reticule is the perfect shape of the body of a bowling pin!, I ended up buying one for my pistol!

    the next thing I do, will probably be a threaded bull barrel and stock in case the new hpa passes, and if it doesn't ill get a ported comp for it
    then ill round it out with a extended bolt handle

    if you haven't looked into one yet, try the brimstone trigger, they take standard ruger triggers and get them to about 2-3 #'s and if you want a really light pull, brimstone does a trigger job on the ruger bx trigger, and its about 1# (yes 1 pound!) the guy in the shop below let me try his, and its way too light for me! I looked at it and it went off!

    theres a gunshop in southern Indiana that specializes in ruger 10/22's and mark 1-2-3(and by now I bet mark 4's), they stock I huge selection on volqartsen parts and have pretty good prices too! (they are not a site supporter here,so I wont name them, if you are interested in them pm me and i'll give you the info)

    another place you can check out is tandemkross they sell vq and also their own parts (I want a victory trigger for my mark3)

    and if you like the Hogue stock, there was one listed for sale on here
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    I tinker around quite a bit with 10/22s. My preference is Kidd parts and barrels. Federson barrels and Clint Beyer barrels are nice as well. I'm sure the VQ stuff is nice, just seems a bit more overpriced. I think Kidd quality is tops in every way. Stock wise, just depends what you want.

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    Feel free to PM me the shop information! I'm not often anywhere in Southern Indiana - but I am at times.

    I'm not looking to make my gun into a "race gun" or pin gun or anything. Just more usable.

    I may end up not doing anything at all - because that's how I roll.

    But if I can get into a barrel and stock inexpensively enough, I think it's probably good investment in something that will hopefully see a lot of use as my kids get older.
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    If you have a suppressor, I would suggest the tactical solutions sbx. It's light and accurate. I have that, a Hogue stock, and a vq hammer in mine.

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    I do have a suppressor. Kind of.

    I really need to get it mailed back for service.

    That SBX looks...wonky. And lord is it ever salty! Tac Sol sure is proud of their stuff all of a sudden.
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    I just realized they jacked their prices up, but you get a fake suppressor.

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    Check out the sponsors at rimfire central. There are many options there.

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