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    Tristar Shotguns?

    I am just wondering if any fellow Indiana trap shooter or turkey shooters might have or used a Tristar Cobra 12 shotgun. I picked one up at my local gun store & it's a banquet NWTF (National Wild Turkey Foundation) shotgun.
    I looks nice & didn't shoot to bad. I had a few light primer strikes, the action would disengage before the hammer would fully hit the firing pin. When unlocking it would slightly slip out of battery.
    I think I might have found the issue causing the lock up to release so quickly. If I would hold it on the receiver it would almost unload the shell for me.

    So thank for any information on this shotgun. Love to here other owners experience with these shotguns, I have considered selling it or trading it off for something else but I really like the look of it. I do know that the butt stock needs some work on the LOP. I will either get a butt stock that will fit it, I was told that Remington butt stocks fit these shotguns. Just don't know what I could get for adjustable LOP but keep the traditional look.

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    I have a Viper semi auto in 20 ga. We have used it turkey and deer hunting. I put a scope on it last year for deer season and luckily it patterned well yesterday for turkey loads without having to make any scope adjustments. My is in the youth model for my wife and stepson so it feels a little small for me but I love shooting it. Sorry I don't know much about your model but I do know you can email or call their c.s. and will get any answer you need.

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    Thanks for your reply, I have kinda came to a liking on this shotgun. I just need to find out if I can replace the furniture on it, that wood furniture is to nice to let get messed.

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