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Thread: AR50 builds?

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    AR50 builds?

    I've been searching for some tI me now and am having trouble locating the proper information oh how best to build a dual purpose AR15 \ AR50 built rifle. I know the parts that I'm planning on using to build the AR15 and that I want it to be of 5.56 cal. and that I plan to go with the bolt action side load, 5 rowed magazine style AR50 kit.

    The main problem is I haven't been able to find anyone local how has built this style firearm or long rifle. I've check with several local shops including beach grove firearms, but all three of the gentleman I talked to had never built or even hear of an AR50 build till they Google it while I was there.

    Any pointers would be very much appreciated. Links and other post would also be appreciated that I may have missed. I'm not building this gun fo very day or even monthly uses, mainly building it for uses a couple or three times a year uses.

    Thank you all for your help and input, as well as taking the time to read this post.
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    Ok so joined and am still having trouble finding and write ups or post on ar50 builds. Any pointers guys and gals?

    I think in the end I'm going yo just have to brake down and research how to build it on my own.
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    Search "50 BMG AR upper" or something like that. An actual AR-50 has nothing in common with an AR-15 other than being an Armalite design.

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    Fifty Caliber Shooters Association website may help. Good people, all fifty caliber information you could want.

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