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    DPMS AR10 Oracle 308 Max Distance

    Does anyone have the DPMS Oracle 308? Saw they are $574 after the rebate online and was thinking about getting one for coyote hunting. Just curious how this rifle runs and at what distance this rifle becomes unreasonable to hunt with. $574 is dirt cheap and I'd hate to pass up the deal if it's worth it. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    I have friends that have dpms ar10's they report thet are moa or better. So the rifle should not be a problem. Good ammo, and scope to match, and the question becomes how far can YOU shoot said combo accurately. Some people consider 100 yards lomg range other over 1000. I know most times with good equipment I am the limiting factor not the equipment.

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    Thanks for the feedback family man.

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    If you're just plinking 'yotes then I'd stick with the .223. Obviously the .308 has more stopping power but by the time the .223 runs out of gas, you'll be beyond what I would consider an ethical shot. Max distance? Heck there's stories of snipers taking enemies beyond 1,000 yards with a .308. I would not recommend that distance for coyotes unless you've got some serious hardware.
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    Thanks ChristianPatriot

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    Max distance has more to do with the man than the rifle. Some folk's max distance might be 1500 yds. A lot of folks max distance might be 100 yds.
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    Great point.

    Quote Originally Posted by 42769vette View Post
    Max distance has more to do with the man than the rifle. Some folk's max distance might be 1500 yds. A lot of folks max distance might be 100 yds.

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    Where did you see this one, OP? I've been looking at building one but at that price...
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    Shoot me your email LockStocksAndBareel. I tried posting the link but it looks like it isn't working. I apologize, I am new to the forum so I may be doing it wrong.

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