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    German G41 duv43

    Thought I share this rare collectable German rifle. Really really tough too find all matching and with no problems.

    Well I finally found a really nice 1943 duv made rifle that falls in the a block. Rifle is all matching with very little wear on the parts. The former owner who had it took really good care of it and made sure every part was lightly oiled for storage. Bore is mint, some wear on the magazine housing but not too much, the stock is nice with that red glue laminated wood. Only bad thing about the stock is someone carved their name on it. But not a big deal too me tells a story. What I really like about this rifle is it has that carried look too it nothing has been altered. Plus I guarantee that sling thats on it was the same one it came home with it. It has been there along time.

    BLM made G41 rifles are more common too run across then the Walter made ones. But their still expensive, even at the big shows you may only see one for sale. And thats a maybe. Some of the really early Walter made ones such as the push button types are even more expensive and rare. Those were basically early trial type pieces.

    As for a combat rifle they lacked in reliably due too the weird bang gas trap system and the complex design. Plus hard too take care of in the combat field and very complex and expensive too make. If you ever taken a G41 rifle apart its not an easy task. Bolt carrier and bolt can be very difficult too do. And one could only imagine how a German soldier felt in cold weather in Russian disassembly and cleaning those parts. Plus the Walter G41 design model was better then the Mauser designed G41. The G41 rifle was later replaced by the updated G/K43. A improved design with a better gas system and easier too produce.

    Mainly the G41 rifles you see at shows were captured in Italy or the Normandy campaigns. Due too these rifles were later passed down too rear echelon troops or second line troops. The ones used on the Eastern Front were lost in combat or captured by the Russians.

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    Few more pictures:

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    Video show the German G41 rifle being shot:

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    That is awesome! Enjoyed the video too. I knew how it operated, but had never seen one disassembled before.
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    I have only seen a handful of these rifles, the one you have is one of the better samples I have seen. Neat rifle with a good story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Very nice weapon, neat story. If you've got a name of who carried it carved in the side I wonder if there's a traceable story.
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    Thanks for sharing, I used to have a few German wwII weapons and really wanted to collect a bunch. But life happened and ammo was sketchy and I decided to own what I could shoot. So I enjoy posts like this, do you shoot it?
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    Thanks for the nice comments guys. And yes it is a very interesting weapon and I always thought they were cool looking. Personally I think it's amazing how the German high command would not let the designers tap into the barrel to run gas back. Not to mention adopt a weapon that was very complex and alot of time to produce. Lots of effort went into these. The reports were as soon as these got to the field, soldiers were getting rid of them. The gas system that traps the gas, clogs up with carbon after a few rounds. So it was a system you had to clean periodically. Plus taking apart a rifle like this in cold weather without losing anything is not easy. Lots of the German soldiers serving in Russia went back to using captured SVT 40 rifles. These rifles that were left were past off too quiet sections of the front such as Italy before we invaded. Main reason the G43 was designed and adopted. Basically Walter took the bolt and bolt carrier design from the G41 and took the gas system design from the SVT 40 and made a rifle. Hard to believe the MP44 was already designed, but Hitler delayed its adoption he like the G43 better. He didn't want a different caliber in the field and wanted the military to stick with the 7.92 Mauser cartridge.

    I have only seen one of these shot in person too. The gas cone at the end gets really hot and the rounds eject really high into the right. Personally would love to put 10 rounds through this rifle but there's always the fear of something breaking. And pieces this valuable and collectible you cringe at doing something like that.
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    I never gave it a second thought about Germany having their own M-1 type rifle. That's what I deserve for limiting my thinking through the History Channel and such.
    I always wondered why they didn't. IF a rifle/weapon gets very hot in combat that's going to be a problem.
    That's a very nice looking old rifle. I wouldn't mind having one at all.
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    Very nice! I've wanted one of those for a long time, but have pretty much given up on getting one. One reason is the price. Most that I've seen in decent condition are pushing $3K. Then I started hearing about the reliability issues with the gas system and the cost of replacement parts if something breaks. I like to shoot everything I own, so I decided that rifle probably isn't for me.


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