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    Best factory bolt action .223 ?

    I just purchased a Dillon 650 and a set of dies and conversion kit came with it. Rather than selling the dies, etc. Iím thinking about getting a .223 which is a caliber I donít presently own. Rather than some type of AR platform I am thinking I want a bolt action long(er) barrel regular stock .223. My planned use would shooting groundhogs in Indiana and prairie dogs out west.

    Iím thinking one of the Savage models. Iíve had good luck with a few other Savages. Good to great barrels and excellent triggers. Wondering about thoughts from other folks about either the Savage or other manufacturers. I donít plan on doing much to the gun I purchase other than adding a scope. Open to all suggestions.

    Thanks in advance

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    Savage 10 is the way to go! I threw a leopald vx-r 3-9x40 and a bi pod on as a coyote gun. I show it off by shooting quarters at 50ish yards. (I am not a precision shooter) The only rifle i have this kind of accuracy with. It isn't the most comfortable to shoot out of the prone. In fact the stock angle puts a bit of pressure on my wrist and i have to rest between shots. I have been recomended to look into a different stock but the wood stock on it is beautiful. Definitely my favorite bolt gun i own. ( i only have 4 and shot only a dozen or so) i did have a little trouble finding the right mounts as the standard were too far apart for my vx-r, but a bushnell and weaver both fit.(barely)

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    I just purchased a Remington 700 VS in .223 from a Shields store for $500. It was basically new in the box. They shoot great and I like the HS Prescion stock.

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    Put these two together and have some fun. The rifle sale has been continued until April, and you get a $75.00 muzzle brake for free.
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    For me an AR is the ticket for prairie dogs . You don't have to come up off the rifle to cycle rounds , you can just stay on target for follow up shots . A heavy barrel is usually a good idea as well, it doesn't take long to heat a sporter barrel . I use a 24" bull barrel Rock River when I go out to Kansas . Very happy with it !

    If you're main use is groundhogs around here , a bolt gun will serve you just fine . Savages are an excellent choice , I'm also a fan of the T/C Venture .

    Optics can make or break a rifle . If you plan on spending a lot of time behind it , spend the money and get something nice . My first year out west I had what I thought was a nice bushnell scope . After the first full day behind it , I realized I was wrong . I started to have trouble focusing and it was just so cloudy/murky compared to some of the other guys in camp . I switched to a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 and the difference is HUGE . Absolutely love it ! I can spend hours behind with minimal fatigue

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    Love my Savage 10FP . Shot a ton of PD's in South Dakota a few years ago. Everyone that shoots it loves it.
    The 10FP is a heavy barrel, not a walking around gun

    ETA- Mine came with the cheap plastic stock, I beded it, re-enforced the forearm, and I filled the factory checkering in and shot it with a coat of rustolium
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    With the low prices of people dumping AR's right now it would be hard to buy and run a bolt gun.
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    Tikka T3x Varmint.
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    Mossberg MVP Varmit way outshot my savage.Guess what is going to leave

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    If you want you can shoot both and make your own decision

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