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    I have a ENCORE PISTOL,I have a 16 1/2 inch barrel and a shoulder stock in 308 that I use on private land, then I can also take off stock and shoot as pistol on public land for deer hunting.For yotes I use a .223 barrel and because it is under 16 1/2 inches , I use as a pistol.In heavier brush its easier to manuver.I wish T/C would make thinner pistol grips though, I have a smaller hand.

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    Contender vs Encore

    Either frame is great, depends on how large of caliber you wish to fire.
    I prefer the Contender, mostly because I have had (one+) since the 1970's
    and have acquired so many barrels/accessories for them, before the Encore came to light.

    Encore may have a slight edge over barrel/caliber choice these rifle cartridges,
    but the Contender has served me well in it's available configurations.

    Barrels have become pricey lately, but there are still great finds if you are diligent and persevere
    in your search(s), which is also part of the fun.
    T/C barrels are fine, but if you have a favorite caliber you love to shoot, rifle or pistol, I suggest that
    you have MGM build a barrel for it [you will love it]. EAB has some good deals at times, or...Ö
    you can go (full monty) and have David White build you a 600+yd tack driver.
    EAB has used barrels on occasion, and ebay sells quite a few, along with many accessories.

    You can buy a Choate adjustable buttstock w/pistol grip [$100 +/-] but LEGALLY the barrel has to
    be over 16" in length to use it [a muzzle brake can count in the 16" but it must be PERMANENTLY attached.]

    Kurt Bellm is a wonderful source to discuss all things T/C [he is the son of Mike Bellm, who now works
    for MGM]. Kurt is pretty easy to reach by phone, on FB, etc.
    Speaking of Kurt, I strongly suggest that you get the Bellm oversize hinge pin after you make your frame choice.

    Older Contender barrels can be a wonderful find sometimes, both in quality and design, and even in price. The
    only drawback to the original barrels is the locking jaw, which is usually not as smooth to break open using a newer
    Contender frame, but the new parts [locking jaws] are affordable and easy to replace, about a 10 minute job.

    One of my favorite calibers for T/C is a .357maximum in an 18" bull barrel, and easily a 600yd tack driver
    with proper accessories. The Contender basically tops out about 45-70government down to a .17hmr (or .22lr),
    the Encore tops out in much larger rifle calibers.

    My EDC (as is the spouse also) are rotations in .327fed revolvers, and the barrel I shoot most (these days) in T/C
    is a Custom Shop 23" .327fed [in pic w/variable scope, laser dot, bi-pod, Choate adj.]

    Any T/C frame choice you make will be a good one, and will take you on an exciting journey for as many shooting
    days as you desire to participate. The Contender and/or Encore world is beyond an addiction, filled with fun.
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    Letís of good information. Thank you. Does anyone know of any local TC dealers?

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    A change from 1 pc to 2 pc locking bolts might solve some problems.
    But that's no guarantee.
    They still may require some fitting.
    IIRC.........they don't go in far enough the interrupter does its job. Click and no Boom.

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    If looking at Contender, avoid the non easy open frames.
    Easy opens have a pin in frame,above the trigger.
    The Contender is handy, but if going Super 16 they are way too muzzle light.
    Twitchy for offhand work. Solution was to add weight in forarm (#8 shot in epoxy).
    The factory stock is set up for iron sights. Scoped they suck. Solution was cheekpiece.
    This little pig did 1" groups at 100 yards benched.
    .35 rem

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    SMITH@WESSON bought THOMPSON CENTER a few years ago, so go to a SMITH/WESSON dealer , he can order one, not much stuff up for sale used.

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    One need not be a S&W dealer.
    TC stuff can be ordered from multiple wholesalers.
    Used there's Gunbroker, where run of the mill non easy open blued frames are being sold at shipping plus transfer.
    IIRC Greybeard Outdoors forum has TC classifieds.
    Also Specialty Pistol forum.

    PCR really knocked the steam out of handgun hunting around here.
    Talked to one dealer at a show and he said a .35 rem Super 14 bbl was a very hard sell these days.
    Used to be what everybody wanted.

    Yes, one could convert to PCR.........but bbls aren't exactly a bargain anymore, and other repeaters could be had cheaper.
    The Custom Shop is no more, and availability/offerings were kinda tough for a spell.
    I dunno if TC will ever recover.
    Was surprised to see the Contender back, but the prices...............heck even the used stuff is climbing.

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    Consider the T/C Dimension -- it's a VERY COOL concept and super accurate.
    It allows changing barrels AND is bolt action!!!
    It groups calibers: Group A bolt + correct barrel (204, 223); Group B bolt + correct barrel (22-250, 243, 308, 7mm-08); Group C bolt + correct barrel (270, 30-06); Group D bolt + correct barrel (7mm Rem mag, 300 Win Mag)

    I used to own it and had an "A bolt" for 223, and a "B bolt" for 243
    Amazingly accurate, I am shocked that it didn't catch on more - but I can understand the appeal of having separate/dedicated guns (that seems to be the biggest argument against this platform)
    "Stay classy, San Diego"

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    Merkel Helix is bolt action and interchangeable barrel.
    Lot more $ though.

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