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    Buds Guns prices vary more than the stock market

    I have been a long time customer of Buds Guns and have bought a decent amount of guns online from them. Their prices vary from day to day. Example: Monday I checked on a 12 gauge over under Mossberg Silver Reserve II that I had bookmarked to check on. The price was shown as only $488 new (credit card price). I hopped on it since that is the lowest price I have ever seen. It was not listed on sale or anything like that. Today I checked back and it's now $613 (credit card price). This scenario has happened to me many times at Buds on different types of guns. So if there's a gun your interested in I suggest book marking it on Bud's Guns website and checking on it about every week. You'd be amazed how their guns prices change and not listed as being on sale.

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    I got lucky with Buds with my Mossberg Patriot Marine Cote .375 Ruger. I bought mine and two days later it was raised by $40. Its nice when you get on a deal on the cheaper end of it.

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    Bud's comes with the Norton Price Guarantee. If you buy a gun and see it at a lower price within 30 days on their website, you can file a claim and get the difference back, up to $100. I bought a pistol from them in November last year, and they dropped the price by about $50 right before Christmas. I filed a claim and got the difference back. Nice perk!
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    If you think Bud's is bad you should track the price of an item on Amazon. I was looking at a $155 item one day (not on sale or special), it went down to $149 a few days later (still not on special), then up to $158 a few days after that, then up to $188 a week later. Was a "sold by and shipped from Amazon" item, so they control the price. Apparently they track your IP address and your search as I was not logged in. I guess it is a marketing scheme to get you to buy it before it goes up again. Needless to say I did not buy it from Amazon.
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    Yeah, they have random price drops. I snagged a PTR 91 GI a couple years ago for around $700, which was way cheaper than I've seen it elsewhere. Within a day, it was back to $900+
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    I understand Bud's uses a pricing algorithm which increases or decreases the price based on web views, etc.
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    I love buds gun shop, I price shop a lot on there.

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    I bought a computer monitor last summer for work, $575, list $699. After a month I wanted one for home, price dropped in Sep. to $550, in Nov. to $509 on Amazon, $445 on B&H! I ordered it from B&H. But it was out of stock, should have more by end of Nov. End of Nov. still out of stock, price now $550, should now be in early Dec. Christmas, still not in, price now $599. Finally got it 12/27 for my $445, current price was $609!

    Got my eye on a new computer, was $529, dropped to low as $459, now at $559! New models come out in March, bet I get it for around $400.

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    For guns check I have not yet seen bud's have the lowest price on a gun.

    For Amazon, check out it will watch the price fluctuations for you.
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    I just did a transfer for a brand new Ruger LCP and the young lady got it for $156 shipped....
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