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    Panzer Arms BP12

    Seen a Panzer Arms BP12 today and was wondering if any of the INGO community had one and what are the pro's and con's of the shotgun? I looked interesting being a bullpup design.

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    I fancy myself somewhat of a shotgun connoisseur.

    Personally I haven't been impressed with any Panzer product I've held or shot. If you want bullpup, check out the MKA 1923. I've got several hundred shoulder bruising rounds through mine and I've never had any issues.

    Keltec just announced a single tube version of the ksg if you want to stay under $500 and don't mind a pump. I'm interested in the Rock Island AR shotgun. Probably nowhere near my Vepr 12 but for under $400, I might just have to try it out.

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    A friend of mine just bought one (Panzer Arms) from Classic Arms online, waiting to hear how he likes it....
    Bushido is all very well in it's way, but it is no match for a 30-06.......Jeff Cooper

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    I also bought one from Atlantic and just brought it home yesterday. Looks and feels like a decent quality gun. Haven't even torn it down yet and knowing me it'll be years if not decades before I get around to shooting it but from just handling it I can say that the few minor complaints I saw online are accurate,'s fairly heavy, as is the trigger,......and that trigger is too short and digs into your finger,......and the length of pull is a tad long. All minor complaints. I think I still like the gun. Definitely going to dot it up.

    After ordering I also found it at DK Firearms for $30 less shipped if you want to try one out.

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