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    AR15 polymer lower failure

    I bought a 80% poly lower a couple years ago and forgot about it until recently. I finished it and it came out looking fine, but it only lasted four or five rounds before breaking. Is this common? I haven't heard a lot of stories about them failing. I have another I haven't yet finished and wonder if I should bother.

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    Seems to be a fairly common issue....I did a quick Google search on polymer AR lowers failing and ... some pretty ugly stories out there. Be safe.

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    I've heard plenty of stories about this happening and this is why i wouldn't own one. Im wondering if they would be fine if you used one for a dedicated 22lr, but why bother when you could just buy a S&W M&P 15-22 for an ar style platform 22lr.

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    Only plastic lower that I would trust is a CAV-15. I have an original one made by Cavalry Arms. They are now made by GWACS. Have fired a couple thousand rounds with no problems.

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    MAYBE a dedicated .22. Maybe.
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    I didn't realize Glock offered 80% lowers!

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    I think Iíll make the other one a dedicated .22 LR pistol. No more poly lowers for me!

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    Yeah, Cav Arms got it right, there just isnít enough material where the receiver and buffer tube mate.

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    Out of curiosity, did it happen to be some smaller or off brand? I wouldn't trust a polymer lower, but polymer has proven itself in other firearm applications. I wonder if it was just a cheap manufacturer using cheap plastic. just thinking out loud

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    Plastic lowers are trash. CAV-15s got it right, but they're finnicky and the tolerances aren't always right. Supposedly GWACs is coming out with an updated version this year, finally.

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