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    CZ 452 is a sweet shooter. I put a Vortex Diamondback 2-7 on mine and itís leaps and bounds better than all the 22s Iíve shot in the past. I bought mine new a few years ago when Whittakerís placed a special order but it looks like even they are out. I canít comment on the other suggestions, but Iím sure they would be great as well.
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    Iíve got a 452 with the Super Match barrel that I canít wait to shoot when it warms up. You really canít beat CZ price/quality.

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    I sure hope they're good
    Currently waiting on a MTR to arrive.

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    Wholesale Hunter still has some 452's available.

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    The biggest "complaint" with the 455 was that CZ got rid of the threaded barrel/action and went to 2 set screws and a "quick change" barrel. It's proven reliable at this point.

    With the 457 keeping the same barre/receiver interface and getting a 60 degree bolt, there is no reason to get a 452 or 455. It'll be a good reliable gun if you want a CZ.

    Personally, I'm going to give the Tikka a try once they're more available.
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    FWIW I have the older 455 and w Burris alloy .22 rings the bolt handle clears my scope bell (Leupold).
    The rings are medium, and 3/8.
    But 30 in lbs makes em work

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    I have the 455 tacticool with factory cz rings and a Nikon prostaff rimfire. No clearance issues at all. I love the rifle, itís my suppressor host and is tons of fun. Accurate little guy

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