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    For a good bolt action 22lr, CZ457?

    I've been considering a good bolt action rifle in .22lr and I'm looking for input on the new CZ457. Anybody have this and or other recommendations? good scope combo for the rifle?
    Mainly, will be used for plinking and squirrels.

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    [QUOTE=highcottonguide;7820705]I've been considering a good bolt action rifle in .22lr and I'm looking for input on the new CZ457. Anybody have this and or other recommendations? good scope combo for the rifle?
    Mainly, will be used for plinking and squirrels.[/QUOTE

    If CZ is your poison of choice, I'd look for a used 452. I don't like the switch bbl ability of the 455. Only plus I see on the 457 is that the safety runs like guns we're used to, not backwards like previous models.
    I recently bought a Tikka T1X and I'm very pleased with it so far. It's one idiosyncrasy is that there are only 10 rd magazine's available currently and they stick out a bit.

    For a bit more money you can get a little classier with a Steyr Zephyr.
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    The Ruger American Rimfire is another good choice. It uses the same mags as the 10/22, has a good trigger and the stock is somewhat adjustable on the synthetic models.

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    I have a CZ 455 FS that I'm quite pleased with. Handy little gun, good quality. No scope though. Good luck getting those tree rats!
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    A big change from the 455 to the 457 is the bolt. Itís 60 degree instead of 90 degrees now, the action is about an inch shorter and itís a lighter bolt. The 457 trigger is now adjustable for weight, creep and overtravel.

    As far as Iím concerned, unless you found a screaming deal on a 455 there isnít a good reason to buy one over a 457. If look at 452 if looking used or 457s for new if you want a CZ.

    Look at the Hawke Vantage for optics.

    BT has a good recommendation on the American. Nice rifles. Iíve got a Talo edition 22 and my wife has the Target version in 17. The quality on both felt equivalent to the CZ455 we had.

    My abolished favorite bolt action 22 is my Browning T-bolt. Itís the lightest rifle in the safe and I love the straight pull action.
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    I love my 455. I did replace the trigger which is one of the improvements they made on the 457.
    If it's as good or better than what I've experienced, i would not hesitate.

    Plenty of others on here with similar results

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    It would be hard to beat the speed of a T-bolt for fast follow ups on squirrels but they will run a bit more than a CZ. A Tikka T1x would be my next choice followed by a 452 over later CZ models.

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    I have several CZ bolt action rimfires, in 22 LR, 17 HM2, 17 HMR, and 22 WMR. Both 452's and 455's. Don't have a 457 yet, but I probably will. Hard to beat them for value for price paid, if you place a high value on wood and steel and accuracy, as opposed to synthetic stocks, etc... Plenty of good bargains nowdays on quality 22's, but the CZ's are a step up from the bargain buys.

    Any decent scope, in combination with Warne 722 rimfire rings will suit your CZ just fine.


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    I just shot my Ruger American Rimfire Stainless 22lr for the first time last weekend and am very satisfied with it. I tried several different rounds and it did well with most. I mounted a Bushnell 2-7x AR Optic with side focus that adjusts as close as 10 yards.

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    I should put my Leupold Freedom VX EFR on my 455 and see what it'll do at 50 yards w match ammo.
    Only shot it at 25 w diff scope and a CCI Blazer and Minimag and it was nothing outstanding.
    But then my Match bbl'd 1022 shoots the same with that stuff.

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