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    Big deal or not?

    Just wondering i have a Mini 14 with a composite stock. At the beginning of the Odumba era i picked it up for about $450.00.

    I really enjoy shooting it the only thing that i do not care for is the stock, is it difficult to change it out?


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    Pop it off and chose what you want

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    Do you want something taticool or basic? Pistol grip, folding stock, thumb hole stock? There are some good options.

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    Changing the stock should not be hard. There are good options from Boyds like this:
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    There are more replacement stocks available for the Mini-14 than you can imagine, and very easy to change out.

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    Do a web search. There is likely a stock out there that fits your style and a video to show you how to do it.

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    I choose the standard stock because it feels like 10/22 which I pull out every time I shoot. Would like to up grade barrel I have older one

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    How old is it? Some of the early Mini 14's weren't terribly accurate.
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    I will check serial number later but bought well used as project. Giving it a dark oil finish stock to look more like old military rifle. It ran around 4moa with federal ammo. You are right they weren't known for accuracy

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