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    Ruptured case removal trick

    This is for folks like me that search for ruptured case removal and found nothing. My take on a PSA(public service announcement not palmettp state armory!)
    I had a reload stick in the chamber of a 9mm carbine recently. Ripped the bottom of the case right off so no tapping the base to extract it. Did some fiddling with it and finally used my google fu. I found a guy that recommended plugging the bore at the case mouth and filling the case with epoxy putty. I let it set up and tapped out the case with a cleaning rod.
    Worked great. Hope this is useful for someone.
    The case was split but it went around the case. not from the mouth back. I'd never seen that before. Perhaps I double charged that one?
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    I like that, I am assuming that you could not get a the cleaning rod to get ahold of it when it was just a rim of a case..???
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    JHB is online now

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    Cerrosafe is safer.

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    The extractor ripped the entire base off. Cerrosafe probably would have been safer but the epoxy putty worked perfectly. Just made sure I had the case mouth plugged up.

    "That government is best which governs the least " Thomas Jefferson

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