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    New bolt rifle barrel movement.

    So I just picked up my new CZ 457 today with a free float barrel. I noticed that if I push to the left or the right toward the front of the stock that the barrel moves. I called CZ and they said the barrel system allows for swapping out other calliblers but that it shouldn't move like that. I had a scope mounted at
    Cabelas today and they guy there said it would do that since it is a free float system. Not sure which one is right, I would assume CZ but he sounded like it was his 1st day there too.

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    All barrels will flex. Bull barrels flex less. Thinner barrels flex more.

    With that said, there should not be any movement between the receiver and barrel. If there is, it needs to be fixed. I don't know how the CZ 457 barrel is secured to the receiver but it may just need tightening.

    Hopefully someone with knowledge of the CZ 457 will be along shortly.

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    So it turned out that a little tightening was needed and I think she is good to go. Received 12 different kinds of ammo today so testing will start on Wednesday!!

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    Sounds like you already found and fixed the issue, but those barrels are held in by two set screws. They likley just needed to be torqued to spec.
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    Perhaps it was actually the stock flexing rather than the barrel bending. I've seen this on rifles with very heavy barrels.
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    After talking with CZ they said the two screws at the bottom are used to swap out the barrel and while it should have not left the factory lose to check it. A few turns with a T-25 bit and we are good as new.

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    Thus far, my latest acquisition--a 457 Sporter--has proven to be no Anschutz. (But I didn't ask it to be.)

    It is not that far behind for a 6 lb rifle though... probably 3/4 Minute or so at 50 yards. Not bad for a whippy little barrel, new leade, and little testing.

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