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    Kriss DMK22 LVOA

    Picked up my shiny new Kriss DMK22 LVOA today. I plan to chart my thoughts of it here.

    Initial impressions were good. I think for nearly 700 it should come with at least a sheath case like Tacsol xrings, but whatever. It came with a manual, lock, 1mag and the rifle.

    The rifle itself feels real. It's machined aluminum recievers, not a lightweight pot metal feelings material(tippmann) or polymer (SW). The lower seems to be mil spec and have a standard fcg in it. The upper is aluminum with a working fwd assist.

    It has lrbho with kriss mags, but will use the standard 22 ar mags.

    The grip is honestly one of my favorite available ar grips and I've used them on a few of my full power ar's. The stock on the other hand feels great, but does not lock into its detents very well. Further investigation needed. It comes with buis that are well built and functional. The fwd is shielded by two parallel posts that are easily mistaken for the sight post when working fast as they are nearly the same diameter as the sight post. Too bad. The sight post is way too bulbous for iron work past 50yds, also too bad.

    The range 1
    First mag good. It is a tack driver. I was shooting standing unsupported and had zero issues putting 15rds in a 3/4" hole at 20yards. The brake and weight keeps it flat.

    Trigger reset and pulls just like a good milspec should.

    2nd mag extended the stock 2 shots and it slid forward, buffer canted. Uhoh. Not staked and definitely not torqued. This resulted in failures to fully feed the rest of the trip. I didn't have a retainer wrench to tighten it up. When I hand tightened the buffer it ran great, when it loosened it n like crap.

    So I'll torque and stake it tonight and try to shoot some tomorrow.
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