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    AR15 what profile barrel

    I want to buy an other AR for me to take a few classes, what profile barrel should I buy?. Lightweight or regular?

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    There's a balance between function and performance and in the world of combat the lightweight is a better option. The downside to lightweight is stringing when the barrel heats up. In combat that may mean 2-3" at 100 yards, a very respectable size when your concern is a human. Anyone who has taken a real 1-3 day carbine course knows the value of a maneuverable rifle.
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    ^^^^What he said, Im using the BCM ELWs exclusively now. The .gov profile and the HBs have long since been relegated to the safe. The lighter profiles allow faster transitions between targets up close, and still provide acceptable accuracy at range. I took a long range patrolling class with my LMT MRP, and another with the BCM ELW, hands down difference in portability, and usability. I still have a couple .gov 6920s, and some Colt HBs , but the lighter platforms are what are seeing the training and usage time.

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    I would also go light weight.

    I had a bull barreled 16" and an 18" heavy. Very accurate at the cost of poor balance and added weight. Things took forever to cool down as well.
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    I feel the enhanced lightweight barrels have most of the functionality of the govt profile without the weight. BCM ELW, Faxon Gunner, BA Hanson, etc. I personally wouldnt do a pencil barrel unless trying to be super weight conscious.

    That being said, the Colt SOCOM barrels are tackdrivers. If you are wanting something extremely accurate the extra weight might be worth it.

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    I like the 11.5" BCM fluted lightweight. A good compromise of weight (entire gun with scope = 6-1/4 lbs) and accuracy (~2-3 MOA).
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    Kind of depends on the kind of shooting you do. A hbar takes longer to heat up so it maintains accuracy longer but it also takes longer to cool down. A lightweight barrel is the opposite. If you plan to carry often or shoot standing I prefer a lightweight. If shooting off the bench who cares right. Or go in between and get a fluted barrel more cooling surface a little lighter than an hbar

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    You should really look into the Hanson profile by Ballistic Advantage! It's a taper profile so most of the weight is near the receiver where you want it the most. Makes for a midweight barrel, and it really balances out a build.

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