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    Aero precision ac15m?

    I'm looking to buy an AR15 that I can take to classes and not worry about abusing it but at the same time that will perform, did some research and sounds like is a very well made rifle but just wanted to confirm if that is the case. I found the OEM for a great price and it gives me the opportunity to set it up the way I want it from the beginning, this rifle will cost $400.00 or more less than a BCM in the same configuration. I don't like to build so not going that route, should buy it or stick to BCM or LWRC DI?

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    All of my aero parts have been good. Not great but not bad. It will never be a bcm or lwrc.

    We are dangerously close to black Friday. If I were you I'd wait for sons of liberty gun works to announce their sales. They are the only brand I really care to own anymore especially factory built.

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