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    Remington 700 bolt handle color

    My brother-in-law just gave me his Apr 1964 made Rem 700 7mm Mag that he bought new when he got out of the Navy.

    It has a bronze colored bolt handle that is original to the gun. I have looked at hours of pics of 700's and have not seen any other example of this.

    Both the round and the rifle design were only 2 years old at the time he purchased it and he never had a thought on it. It was his deer rifle since new and he no longer hunts deer.

    Can anyone here help with this, I am more comfortable here than on other boards. Thanks in advance.
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

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    Not sure if of any help, but says orig rigs sometimes had it

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    Thanks for the info Hookeye. This one has not been reblued and came the color it is now. Sounds like it was a recurring problem...

    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

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