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    .500 S&W rifle mount - recoil

    My favorite deer killer, an H&R .500 S&W, started having some accuracy issues. The base, steel rings and Nikon scope appeared solid. It has been mounted for about 12 yrs or so now and had approx 300 rds.

    Well, took the scope off to thoroughly inspect and found some hard recoil evidence. The base was still snug but the recoil lugs are eating out the groove.
    Any thoughts for an upgrade?
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    The rings have to be snugged with them pushed all the way forward in the ring slots ( toward the muzzle ). Both rings. Might help to add a 3rd.
    And use torque wrench and loctite.

    Seen many a Weaver ring not installed/ torqued right. 500 aint gonna let you get by with any error.
    Have a couple guys running Burris Signature Zee rings and they held. Alloy bases too.

    Could be the base not up to snuff. Look for a steel version.

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    Thank you for the input.
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    The crossbolts need torqued and loctited. They can half arse grip but move under recoil, appear good until the base slot is hammered enough.

    Need a new base BTW ( or re quare the slots ).
    Id be concerned w base screw stress as well. Might as well replace those.

    What rings were used?

    Had a few in person and on forum curse Weaver bases. Ive had good luck with them on 7mm and .300 mags. But i ran Burris Zees and installed them correctly.

    The 500 might eat em. Dunno. Do remember Contender and XP cannons running 3 ring setups.
    Mo betta.
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    Ditch the base and get a steel warne base if they still make them. Or try one of the one piece ring/base combos.

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    Iím trying a DNZ one piece base. These were steel rings but cant recall the brand. I think my problem was less than quality base. All the screws were good and the lugs were all the way forward.
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    What crossbolt torque?

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