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    Scope Simplication

    I'm using a TC Compass in .243, with a Nikon 3X9 BDC scope. It is good and bright, adjustments track well. My problem is that the crosshairs are just too busy. I'm going to upgrade to something with a simple plex reticle. Any suggestions on what scopes I should look at? <>< Duce
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    Some duplex reticles are thicker and wider than others.
    By "wide" I mean the fine crosshair region.

    I don't use the duplex tips as secondary aiming points, and find the more open center of a wide duplex pleasing.
    Some of my rigs are regular duplex and I don't have a prob w them.

    Have had fine duplex on varmint and .22 rifles, and those were OK.

    I do not however (at all), like a "heavy duplex".

    The cheapest scope I can recommend is a Redfield Revolution (made by Leupold).

    If you are going to run the .243 mostly for varmints that leaves those out, as they don't have adjustable objective.
    For a deer rifle first, secondary varmint rig, AO isn't needed IMHO.

    My 700 ADL used to wear a Leupold 4-12X AO. It was a chuck and yote rig.
    Making it a yote/deer now wears a Leupold VX1 3-9X.
    Paid $199 for that scope new.
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    I like the Vortex VMR-1. Not a plex, but easy to find cross hairs. Still has holdovers, which are very important to me.

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    Some simple plex reticles here.
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    I like the German #4 style reticle but really any duplex works in my hunting situations. My Tract scope has that German #4 on my main deer muzzleloader.

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