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Thread: Model 14 .35 rem

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    It's a shame that so many nice 14s and 141s have been buggered with those awful side mount screw holes. I found a cherry 141 at the last Evansville show but the price was more than I could bear

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    No range or followup yote hunting this weekend.
    Try next week.
    No yotes on trail cam at my close by deer spot, did get a big red fox.
    Hmm, a .22 mag I might need to buy.

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    Hookeye, Iím sorry to say, the Skinner in the rear dovetail is not going to help you with depth of field like it would if it were on the receiver.
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    I understand the limits of such a fwd position.
    But current factory sights are more limiting, as they are unusable LOL

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    Nice looking old Ďtrombone guní! I love the .35 Remington cartridge. Iíve had several but the one that will stay with me for life is a cut down 16Ē Model 8. If you want a nice plinking load, a cast 158 gr .357 pistol bullet over 20.0 of 2400 is a fun load. I imagine a JHP over the same load would do a number on a coyote.

    Iím pretty sure I have a Lyman tang sight for the 14/141. Iíll have a look tonight and see. They use the two factory holes at the top rear of the receiver and then Sling back over the wood. No extra holes needed.
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