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Thread: Brownells BRN-180/180S

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    Brownells BRN-180/180S

    Anybody have one of these and care to provide any feedback?

    I like the idea of a piston driven AR, but have concerns about proprietary replacement parts, as well as the cost of the upper ($830 for the 10.5" version). If it were $400-500, it wouldn't be too bad, but currently is a little more than I want to spend on something that I couldn't easily, and inexpensively, replace "consumable" parts on.

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    I have a BRN AR15 and AR10 retro rifle, and I think Del-Ton made them but not 100% sure. I used to know.
    The 180 was made by PWS and FM Products. I'm not sure to guess which made what parts, but if you're familiar with them and trust in what they make, you can go by that.
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    This upper is not ďARĒ based. Instead it is a platform modified to work on an AR platform lower.

    The 180 upper doesn't require a buffer or receiver extension. Itís a different animal.

    as far as cost goes, all the parts except firing pin and firing pin retainer clip are proprietary to this upper, so itís not like off the shelf parts can be used
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    A friend of mine in Iowa, who runs Controlled Chaos Arms and writes reviews for Brownells did a piece on the gun earlier this year. They sent him a bunch of parts and had him build it for a review. He loved the gun. Folding stock AR pistol is sweet. I decided to buy it. I'll post pics and review when it arrives.

    His one criticism was the trigger. I really only trust Geissele with AR triggers.

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    They are neat but if you just want a piston driven AR type there are plenty of options out there like the Adams arms piston kits, and HK 416 and its clones. I have a T-91 clone that I adore which Wolf makes a sudo upper for called the A1. It is usually on sale for 400-500, is a piston driven ar and fits onto the ar-15 lowers. It might be the best option for you, if you are just looking for a piston AR.


    picture for reference

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    I just finished one. Haven't had any range time yet, but initial impressions are good. Fit and finish is very nice, and stripping it (including handguard removal) is a breeze. It seems like it will make a nice compact jack-of-all-trades type gun.

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    I just got the email promoting these from Brownells. They look really cool! It may just be the appearance but it just looks a little more like a battle rifle than the AR uppers for some reason.
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    I've been looking at these for awhile, they just announced a Gen 2 version with some improvements.

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    Gen 2 looks interesting but I'm not feeling the need to diversify my battle equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Gen 2 looks interesting but I'm not feeling the need to diversify my battle equipment.
    It's rarely a matter of need.

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