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    Savage Axis II 308

    So I went to a Whitetails Unlimited Banquet last weekend and won a 308. I was wanting to know what scope everyone uses on theirs. It has some Bushnell that looks rather weak. Just trying to decide what to do to make this a decent rifle.

    Also, what 308 ammo does everyone use? Also, if anyone hunts whitetail, what ammo do you use?

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    swfa fixed 16x mrad on all 30 cal rifles and Hornady 168gr black for 30cal rifles.

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    The scope choice all depends in your intended purpose for the rifle and your budget. Hard to beat a Vortex Crossfire 3-9x40 for a basic but very solid hunting scope.

    A fixed 16X swfa is a great scope, but way too high mag for hunting in Indiana.

    Federal Gold Medal Match is the standard for accurate factory ammo for paper punching. There are lots of good options though, Hornady being a great one. Any 150 corelokt or interlock hunting bullet will be bad news on a whitetail. I've dropped a bunch of em using them.

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