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    Opportunity for 300-1000 yard rifle at Camp Atterbury with CIHPRS

    I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming shooting season at Atterbury, and give some info about all the different classes that shoot with us, including a new one for 2020 that lets “normal” rifles compete against each other. See more details on the F-Practical class below.


    Our season is kicking off March 14th with a Midrange match (Midrange = 300, 500, 600 yard). March 15th will be the first long range match (Long range = 800, 900, 1000 yards).

    I understand the different classes and matches can get confusing, so I’m going to give a bit of an explanation below.

    We shoot 2 main divisions within CIHPRS prone matches: ”sling” and F-class, and more sub categories within those 2 divisions.

    Shot from 300-1000 yards, some scoped, some only with iron sights. Can only use a sling for support, no front or rear rest. X-ring is 1 MOA, 10 ring is 2 MOA. Within sling there are 3 classes…

    Any rifle – may be scoped or iron sights. Some matches will require iron sights to be used for at least 1 of the yardlines. Any caliber is OK as long as it’s .338 or below. The majority here are bolt actions, although some AR type rifles are seen here and there.

    Palma rifle – must be .308 or .223 and use iron sights only.

    Service rifle – Must be an AR or M1A or M1 Garand. Rules now allow for scopes up to 4.5X magnification. Must use a 1907 sling or web sling.

    Shot from 300-1000 yards, can use scopes and rests or bipods. No magnification limits on the scopes. X-ring is ½ MOA, 10 ring is 1 MOA. Three main classes within F-Class, with a fourth that's sort of in between...

    F-TR (F-Target Rifle) – must be <18 lbs, use a .308 or .223, and must use a bipod for a front rest. Most F-TR rifles will have a specialized bipod with a wide stance and ski feet for better consistency and tracking. The vast majority of F-TR will use a .308, especially for long range. No limits on scope magnification.

    F-Open – must be <22 lbs, any caliber .338 or less, can use a bipod or front rest like benchrest. No limits on scope magnification.

    NEW FOR 2020 in CIHPRS - F-Practical – Basically any caliber .338 or less, 18 lb weight limit, any sights, and must be shot from a folding bipod (Harris, Atlas, Versapod, Magpul, etc), and a squeeze bag for the rear (no bunny ear bags meant for return-to-battery tracking). We wanted to include this class going forward to get people with “normal” rifles that aren’t custom built for F-class out and competing against each other without having to have some of the exotic front rests or bipods you’ll see in the other classes. A quality hunting rifle, Ruger Precision, Savage Model 10, Bergara, Remington 700, etc would do fine in this class.

    AR Midrange Tactical – Must be AR-15 or AR-10 platform rifle, any caliber, 20” barrel or shorter, 15X or less magnification scope, must use a folding bipod and a rear squeeze bag, or can use a single rest like a backpack or ruck bag. No moon-lander bipods or bunny ear rear bags. This is shot at midrange only (300, 500, or 600 yards) on the sling target (1 MOA X-ring, 2 MOA 10-ring), but it’s closer in practice to F-class. If you have a rifle that doesn’t fit the AR MR Tac requirements, no problem, you’ll just shoot in F-class. The idea behind this class is to get some of the millions of AR’s that have been bought in the last 12 years out to a range that goes past 100 yards. It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s a great learning experience. Try it.

    The course if fire for all the different types is basically the same...typically sighters plus 20 rounds per string. For the first string of the day, it’s unlimited sighters (take what you need to get zeroed in), but they don’t count. You declare when you want to “go for record” and your shots count from there on. After the first string, it’s usually 2 convertible sighters.

    We use electronic targets vs. pulling the targets down and marking them by hand. This makes the day go much faster and easier. The only stipulation for E-targets is that the bullet has to be supersonic for the system to register (shot is located by triangulating the sonic crack as it passes through 8 microphones on the target face). For midrange (600 yards or closer), this isn’t an issue, but some calibers (.308 and .223) struggle to make it to 1000 yards supersonic, resulting in shots that aren’t scored. You have to push a .308 or .223 REALLY hard and be using a long barrel to get them there over the speed of sound. Pretty much count on having to use 185 gr or heavier bullets in .308, and 88 gr or heavier bullets in .223 over a likely over-book max load of powder to get them there and have them register. Unless you’ve got a powder puff load, a 6.5 Creedmoor or the like should be fine to 1000. Let me know if there are questions on this topic. See attached pic of a screenshot from the E-target system we use.

    About the only equipment requirements we have are:
    1. No brakes. We're lined up too close to one another, and a brake is painful. If you insist, we'll put you at the far end of the line away from the rest of the crowd. It's a hard requirement for NRA, but we'll still let you shoot.

    2. Bring some sort of match bullet. You’ll have more fun, you’ll score higher, and you won’t end up putting a round through an expensive electronic target sensor or frame. It’ll be a better experience all the way around.

    There are several folks that shoot with us that are capable of winning just about anything in the country on a good day, both on the F-class and sling side. We’re all helpful, and all had a first match at some point. Come out, let us know that you’re new, and we’ll help get you get a SWAG wind call and elevation adjustment to get you in the aiming black, and you can take it from there.
    If you’ve got a will to learn and can be trusted not to point a rifle at anyone, I can guarantee you’ll have a good time at any match we run.

    PM me if there are any questions. I'm happy to help!

    See you on the range,
    Ryan Hyslop
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    Tagging for interest. Will have to see what the girls have planned.

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    Ironically I just emailed Shawn this morning about it. I should be there shooting my first f-class 1000 on 3/15.
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    Nice post, Mr. Ryan.
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    Bump. I shot AR Tactical last year as my first foray into match shooting. There's absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE for shooting at real targets at real distance under real conditions to see more what you and your rifle are capable of.

    It's fun and very, very educational. And you'll be surrounded by fellow shooters who really want you to succeed.

    I'd only add one thing to JRH's excellent OP: if you are shooting a .223 for midrange, plan on having ammo that is at least 68/69gr. Your XM193s and M855 green tip will get manhandled in the wind. It's MUCH easier to stay on target with 69 or (ideally) even heavier. Also, I'm pretty sure the CIHPRS would strongly prefer you not shoot their very expensive electronic target sensors/probes, and your light bullets won't let you confidently avoid that.

    Match shooting is a blast. And you will have a much better experience (as well all your fellow shooters) if you prepare appropriately.

    Think you and your RPR or other tactical rifle are hot stuff? C'mon out and prove it on a 3" X-ring at 600y!

    As was said, 20 rounds per string (up to 10 points and an "X" for each, so a perfect string is 200-20x). Standard match is three strings (60rds) for score, so bring enough ammo to get yourself sighted in and have enough left for scoring. I'd recommend 80 rounds if you are buying 20rd boxes.

    See you on the range.


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    Tag for interest

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    You mentioned no brakes in the post. Looking on the website, under "any rifle," it say no brakes or suppressors. Would suppressors be allowed in F-Practical?

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    Quote Originally Posted by romack991 View Post
    You mentioned no brakes in the post. Looking on the website, under "any rifle," it say no brakes or suppressors. Would suppressors be allowed in F-Practical?
    No, they would not. And why would you want to shoot competition with one?

    That is a rhetorical question, not looking for a response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by romack991 View Post
    You mentioned no brakes in the post. Looking on the website, under "any rifle," it say no brakes or suppressors. Would suppressors be allowed in F-Practical?
    The answer is that yes, if you want to come out and shoot, we’re probably gonna take your money and find a place on the line for ya!

    Come out and shoot! It’s way more fun than reading about it here.

    Get ahold of Shawn and talk about it.

    What you will not be is a classified NRA competitor, nor eligible for winning anything, simply because those sorts of muzzle accoutrements are illegal. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing IS just a made-up organization anyway.

    If you have a braked rifle, just rest assured you will be shooting by yourself out on the end of the line. Which is fine. The wind is much cooler out there anyway.
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    Nate nailed it. You're welcome to shoot with a suppressor, but you wouldn't be eligible for any records, etc. I understand the rule regarding brakes, but not suppressors. They're welcome to squad with me any day. Weve had a few folks bring suppressed rifles out, and it wasn't an issue at all.

    A brake is a different story. You're welcome to being it, just understand we may put you out in the sticks on the far end of the line. It's pretty rough to be in close proximity to a brake for 60/100+ shots per day. Doesnt mean we don't like you, we just like our eardrums to stay intact!

    In short, run what ya brung, we'll find a spot for you on the line.

    CMP Distinguished Rifleman #2464, Midrange Prone: Highmaster, Across the Course - Master

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