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    Bergara quality?

    I have a bergara HMR in 308. Seems a decent rifle the trigger will probably get swapped out. Guy I bought it from says the way bergara has achieved their price point was through using MIM parts and castings for everything they could and if u buy the HMR pro u get some better materials and attention to detail. He also said the remington 700 are using cast actions and mim small parts. Is this true about the bergara or the remington 700 I assumed both had some mim small parts but assumed the actions and bolts were machined out of forgings. I had heard of some problem with bergara blowing out bolt shrouds is this because of the materials used? I bought mine because I seen a fellow shooter with one at the range shooting great but now i am kinda concerned so if anybody has some relevant info or experience with these rifles I would appreciate your info.

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    You bought a rifle from a guy who was talking smack about it being made with crap parts and subject to blowing up in your face? Why would you do that?

    Seriously, I have heard nothing but good things. I have one in 6.5 Creedmoor, it holds MOA, handles well and factory trigger is just over 2 lbs.

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    Well I assumed he was just kind putting down the bergara because it's a production gun because he was getting a new custom rifle a GA precision if I recall and he was selling it to offset some of the cost of his new rifle. So far mine has shot good but he wasnt the one who told me about bolt shrouds breaking that was on a Facebook rifle shooting page. But I am a little concerned about this but like I said it shoots ok for me I would like a timney or rifle basix trigger swapped in but other than that I like the rifle except for fearing it might go kaboom on me.

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    It looks like Bergara upgraded the bolts starting the last half of last year. If yours is older than that, you can contact Bergara about a possible replacement.

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    I've never heard anything but good things about bergara's like the HMR's or Pro's. They shoot well and I've always wanted one. I also happen to have a GA Precision rifle and I'll be the first to admit that if a guy knows how to shoot his Bergara he'd be a tough competitor. They are good guns, period.

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