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    Quote Originally Posted by sig1473 View Post
    Keep an eye on it. I would advise against using a punch and hammer. Too much force could break your gas key screws.
    Buy this: and find a gunsmith that has a proper staking tool.
    I have staked 20 or 30 keys and never broken one. So what if I did, replacement keys are cheap. Look for a photo of Vietnam era bolt staking, as it is much easier to do and worked fine for the whole war.
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    I never seen staking like that

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    Oh my

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    Yes it's messed up.

    BUT, if the screws are torqued correctly, they will not come out. Staking is an extra precaution so that any potential risk of an improperly tightened screw is mitigated.

    If you've been shooting it for the past 7 years without issue, it will never become an issue. Smith Enterprises makes the finest BCGs you can buy, and they do not stake them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EricG View Post
    3. Grab a carrier from SOLGW, FCD, Sionics
    QFT. Can't speak for FCD but I very much like my SOLGW and I know Sionics is well-regarded here and elsewhere as top shelf.

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    Thank you for feedback!

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