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    Renegauge: Has Anyone Handled/Tested One?

    This is a new offering from Savage.

    BigTanker mentioned it on another thread, but no one offered any personal experience about itat least not that I could find. So, if you have any personal experience-based opinions I would appreciate reading your thoughts.
    A man's got to do what a man's got to do. John Wayne

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    No personal experience, but rarely do first-generation products get it right.

    That goes for just about everything, from girlfriends to especially guns.

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    Yep. Never be a beta-tester. Let someone else be a beta-tester.

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    I was initially a bit excited about this when it was announced but the high MSRP put me off, I don't know if the Savage brand name can support a 1500.00 shotgun?

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    At that price, I'd be just stepping up to a Benelli.

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    First thought: "Hi-Point getting into scatterguns?"

    I expect better names from a serious firearm maker.
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    It seems overpriced to me also, but it has a lot to offer. Also agree that first editions are unwise purchases. If/When someone pulls the trigger I look forward to the personal evaluation.

    A man's got to do what a man's got to do. John Wayne

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