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Thread: AR sights too low?

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    AR sights too low?

    I searched for a related thread, but didnít find anything, so if this has been addressed before, please let me know.

    Iím not new to long guns by any stretch, but I am new to the AR-15 platform. I know, way late to the party, right?
    Anyway, I recently picked up a Ruger AR556. It came as a flat top with flip-up sights and a crappy Aim Sports 4-32 scope.

    The scope is useless. It claims to have an eye relief of 3.5 inches, but itís far less.

    Unfortunately, due to a neck injury (and my glasses) the iron sights are too low for me to use. I need about another 1/2 to 3/4 inch or so. Iíve thought about adding a carry handle (and/or a red dot), but I wonder about their height. If I go with an optic, I would still like to have usable backup sights too.

    Since I donít know much about what is out there, I wanted to get some input from you guys.
    Any suggestions?


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    Many companies are starting to sell taller mounts, 1.93 or even 2.26 height over bore are available. Check unityís fast mount or Scalarworks LEAP. Geissele, Reptilia also have options for a little less. Unfortunately all cost a little money but the ones I mentioned are USA made and have a solid reputation.

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    You can also look into rail spacers to bring up the sights to a useable height.
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    If the flip-up sights on your AR came from the factory from Ruger, they are standard AR height sights. This is going to be the same for any fixed sights. I'm not sure about any taller-than-standard sights, but the standard height is already pretty high above the bore, unlike a normal hunting style rifle. This is because there is no drop from the stock to the top of the receiver, they are basically parallel.

    You could probably find a tall scope or optics mount that would let you be fairly comfortable using the rifle, but if you want backup iron sights they would have to be on risers. Would look funny, but might work for you. Just know that you'd have to adjust quite a bit in aiming for close range work.

    If I was trying to go higher than standard AR sight height, I would just get a 3x prism scope on a riser and forget about backup sights. A prism scope works whether your batteries are dead or not, and they are generally built very ruggedly. Alternately, you could put some offset backup iron sights on your rail for emergency use, but I wouldn't bother due to the reliability of prism scopes.
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    I appreciate the suggestions. It really helps. I'll check them all out.
    Thanks again,

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    You really don't need backup sights if you go with a good red dot. Put a trijicon mro on a 1.93 mount and call it a day.

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    Military Arms Channel has just a video about this.

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    ADM makes a good 1.93 scope mount as well and is a bit cheaper than some of the others out right now. I recently put one on a new build and really like the upright head position. I'm a big fan of offset irons/red dots so I don't have to worry about co-witness through another optic. An LPVO (1-4, 1-6, etc) with offset irons/red dot makes a very nice setup if you still want the magnification.

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    Great video! Lol!
    Thanks for the additional suggestions, Guys. Appreciate it.

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