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    Savage .270 model 110

    I just got my hands on a .270 last week. My friend bought it a long time ago (20 years?) and said it has had a couple boxes of rounds through it. It has a walnut stock, simmons 3x9x40 scope with see through mounts. He gave me the gun, 22 rounds, and a 2 gun case for 250. Was this a pretty good deal? I want to use it for cyotes but I live in benton county aka flat. Should I be worried about riciche too much?

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    i sorry to tell you but it sounds as if your friend hooked you. not wanting to see a fellow ingo member take a beating i will be willing to take it of your hands. all kidding aside that is a very good price and a nice gun.

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    That is a very good deal. Congratulations on what should be a good shooter.

    I wouldn't worry to awful much about ricochets, just be mindful about what is behind what you are shooting at.

    A 270 with 130's is pretty powerful for coyotes though. If you reload, I would consider coming up with a reduced, lighter bullet, load for that job.

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