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    remington 700 vs tc encore accuracy

    Has anyone seen a drastic difference in remington and tc rifles. I myself like them both and I am crossed on my decision.

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    i tried to get my prohunter 243 to be a long range rifle. you can do a search and see many threads on here about it. although i did get sub moa results at least for me it wasn't accurate enough. its easily accurate enough for hunting. but not for competition. the break action has to many varibles that may not line up exactly the same every time.

    so yes i can tell the diffrence between the 700 and the tc. not that a tc is a bad gun just wasn't made for my purpose. if you do decide to go with the tc there are a few things that need to be done. first and formost the trigger. mine was at 6lb 8 oz when i got it. i called tc and they ship there rifles with anywhere from 5-7lb triggers wich is horrible. i got a trigger job from

    Mike Bellm Custom TCs

    they are the most knowlegable tc folks i found and sell alot of stuff to help.

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    I don't have a TC, but I do have a 700 in .308. It regularly outshoots me, even using factory loads. It's nothing to shoot a .5" group at 100 yards.

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    I've been shooting a custom Contender for many years, One factor that you will have to be conscience of is fore arm pressure, I've found that my Contender will move around a bit with different amounts of fore arm pressure but my rem 700's all have good stocks on them and the barrel never gets the forearm pressure but depending on the 700 stock you get into the same situation,

    My 2 cents is Hunting you probably will never see much difference, benchrest I think the 700 has more potential

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