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    Stevens Model 67 Series E 410 Pump Shotgun

    I have a Stevens Model 67 series E 410 pump in awesome condition. It has had less than a box of shells fired throught it. I really do not want to sell it, but a good buddy of mine is wanting it badly. I bought it new 25 years ago. What is the gun worth today?
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    im no gun expert but I have a model 67 in 12 gauge and im about to list it for $100 firm

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    Is the barrel vent rib or smooth? I have seen this shotgun with a plain barrel go for about $200-$250 if it is in excellent shape. The vent ribs seem to go higher.

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    Yeah im sure it will fetch more in 410 than a 12. All the 12's I see dont typically top $150.

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    My opinion on these is they can go up to $350.00 pretty easily in excellent shape say 90% or better.

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    Do a search of closed auctions on GunBroker/ Auction Arms/ GunsAmerica. This will give you a good idea of what that model is actually SELLING for, and NOT just what people are asking for them.
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    Hello: There is one currently on gunbroker at $250 with the reserved not met. Stevens Model 67 Series E .410 410ga Winchester 42 : Pump at

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