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    Savage .225 winchester info

    My buddy sadly inherited a few guns recently, one of which is a Savage Arms .225 Winchester. It appears to be the 2nd edition with the side mounted scope and checkering. He has been unable to find ammo so far and, doesn't know much about the value.

    Anyone have one? have any general comments? any ideas on how to replace the scope with something more modern?

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    Savage 340's typically don't bring much $$$.

    However, they can be pretty good shooters.

    225 Winchester brass is now a seasonal production item from Winchester - buy it when you can.

    Graf's has some loaded ammunition in stock, some of it made by Precision Cartridge here in Indiana.

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    The 340 was chambered in 222 223 225 and 30-30.

    The scope mount you have is the one that works with the rifle. It will not take a regular scope mount.

    the bolt handle does not make clearing the scope easy when using a second shot. You can get your fingers pinched.

    They are basic every working mans guns and not really a collector piece. I have one in 222 and it is a good shooter.

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    Have your buddy email me or you can. I have a beautiful stock for a 340 in 225. I still have some brass and perhaps several rounds loaded. I will have to gather it up.

    If you or your buddy is interested I will take a picture of the stock and send to you. It is a sunburst. Also it has been acraglassed,

    The 225 was created to compete with the 220 swift, The ballastics of it are pretty good, but then I think it was the 22-250 that was introduced and the 225 just set there.
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