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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Doehrman View Post
    Young's Longshot Range has steel from 25 yards out to 1,000 yards and is open 365 days a year. They have a heated building with drop down windows so you can sit inside in comfort and shoot all year long. About 30 outside seats (covered for rain and sun protection) and an elevated prone platform. There's a John Deere gator to run out to paint the steel plates and hang new targets. They provide a gas grill and have burgers and pork burger patties in the freezer. Deb makes home made cookies and they have snacks to heat up in the microwave. Young's supplies spray paint, rifle rests, cleaning equipment, spotting scopes and a chronograph. There is a fridge stocked with pop and water and there's a coffee pot too.

    Oh yeah, this is my home away from home. Check out their web site and look at the photos.

    Youngs Long Shot Range

    Whats the cost of memebership

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    Young's 1st year fee is $300 and then it is $200 a year after that. If you plan to shoot all year long, it's a bargain.
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    look into 6.5 grendel. I hear good things.
    also if you have a iphone or a ipod look into the ballistic software by KA called bulletflight..........its a great program ive read about it in a few articles......

    BulletFlight, Knight's Armament BulletFlight. Bulletflight 3.1.0
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    If you plan on shooting paper or steel 243 or a 260 will be your best bet for 1000 yds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeah View Post
    I'm flatter at 1000 than everything in that table with a 162 AMax in a 7WSM. And I can seat it into the lands and still fit into the factory box mag of a sub 7lb rifle. And with a 105 AMax in a 243AI, in a sub 6lb rifle.

    Thats a cost I'm able to hold over my head at length.
    My gunsmith built a 6.5/7WSM on a Savage action with a Sheilen barrel that shoots amazingly at 1k (he showed a photo of two shots touching at 1k, and a third just a few inches away).

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    I'm currently shooting 3, .300 Win. Mag. rifles. A Remington 700, a Savage, and a Kimber 8400 Police Tactical. All are excellent performers and the .300 Win. Mag. is one of the best long range performers out there. I don't shoot a .338 Lapua but do shoot a .338-378 Weatherby Magnum in an Accumark. No question it is ballistically superior to the .300 in every way, but the .300 Win. Mag. is a much better balanced cartridge. It is a very forgiving cartridge to handload for, and you almost have to try to achieve an inaccurate load with it.

    My Remington 700 BDL Sporter has been delivering 1 MOA performance since I first bought it new back in 1973. My newest is the Kimber 8400 Police Tactical Model, and I just finished a fresh batch of handloads that I'll be wringing out at the range in just a few days. I have high hopes for this rifle with Berger 210 Grain VLD Bullets and it's hand lapped 1 in 10" twist barrel.

    My Savage 110 FCP-K has also been a very accurate rifle. The muzzle brake along with the heavy barrel brings the felt recoil level down to just above my Savage 10-FP in .308. I topped both rifles with a Bushnell 3200 Elite Tactical 5-15 X 40 MM scope with a Mil-Dot reticule. This scope rivals any of my Leupolds in brightness and clarity. Both rifles utilize Leupold Tactical Steel Rings. I like this scope so much I have one mounted on my Bushmaster BA-50 .50 BMG rifle. It's a very high quality optic for the money.

    For someone looking for a nice long range weapon you can't go wrong with either of these rifles in .300 Win. Mag. Bill T.

    Weatherby Accumark .338-378 Weatherby Magnum

    Remington 700 BDL .300 Win. Mag.

    Kimber 8400 Police Tactical .300 Win. Mag.

    Savage 110 FCP-K .300 Win. Mag.

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    .338 is way over kill.
    I love the 300WM and use it for F Class as well as tactical matches.
    It's plenty flat shooting, and does not burn through barrels.
    The 6.5x284 is designed to be ballistically similar, with less recoil.
    It is also a great choice for 1000 yards, as is 6.5 Creedemore (you can get factory match amo now)

    There are a TON of worthy calibers good to 1000.
    Good ole .308 will do just fine with a proper load... the venerable 75 gr of Varget, Win Brass and 175 SMKs has won a LOT of matches. You can learn wind calling and reading better and cheaper with the .308.

    Reloading is the only option for accuracy. It saves money, but you'd do it if it cost more as you can control all the variables.

    I know this an old thread but could not resist.

    Come to the High Power Matches at Atterburry this season and watch or shoot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slcorson View Post
    i have always been a 300 win mag man, but have been doing some reading on the laupa. would really appreciate as much input as i can get on this matter. thanks for all your help in advance!!!!
    The LAUPA ammo is very EXPENSIVE & hard to find, I have 300 REMINGTON ULTRA MAG & ammo is expensive, I haven't shot my 50 BMG farther than 450 yards,but you can buy 50 BMG ball ammo for $2 a round or 750 gr. A-MAX for $4 a round. I think the 50 BMG will give you a bigger thrill

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    I'm right around $.85 /round with RL22, Win Brass, Win primer, and 200 GR SMK
    Good to about 1700 yards with a 26" barrel.
    I'm not an operator, just a hobbyist who likes to compete and shoot long range.
    I don't see the need for a .338 for me


    If I lived out west with some land, not that's another story!
    I'd have a bunch of long range calibers! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cducati View Post
    Good ole .308 will do just fine with a proper load... the venerable 75 gr of Varget, Win Brass and 175 SMKs has won a LOT of matches. You can learn wind calling and reading better and cheaper with the .308.
    You can shoot the .308 at 1,000 yards. but you better not try doing it with 75 GRAINS OF VARGET! Bill T.

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