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    2 Henry survival .22 questions

    1) Is there a need (&what is protocol) to "break in" a new Henry Survival take down .22 rifle. I've never owned a new gun of any kind so the concept of having to break it in is something that has never come up. For all I know it is only needed on certain calibers, or types of rifles. Any guidance appreciated. (I didn't find anything on the Henry website)
    2) The inside of the action that the bolt slides within is just simply rough. I haven't fired it yet so it may not be an issue at all but I can't fight the urge to want to polish this metal. An obvious potential concern is creating additional space but as it stands I cannot imagine that the rough internal surface wouldn't eventually wear the heck out of the bolt as it cycles back and forth over time. Is this roughness built into the design or a by-product of it being an "inexpensive" (I won't say cheap) production process.

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    I have one of those as well (AKA AR-7) that I bought new about 3 years ago. Here are a few tips for you.

    1) Buy and feed it ONLY this ammo: Remington 22 LR 36 gr Golden Bullet Plated HP

    It's the one that the manual suggest and the ONLY one that I have not had an issue with in this long gun. I have tired Federal, Thunderbolt, and Winchester and all have caused me problems (failure to feed, bullet getting caught in ejection port, etc...)

    2) The manual does a bad job on showing you how to disassmble the long gun but here is a good site with images for you to use.
    US Survival From Henry Repeating Arms Follow Up and Disassembly

    After a few take downs you won't have any issues and will be able to do it from memory. Be careful with the small spring you can lose it very easily.

    3) Not sure what the proper term is but the "bolt" that you use to pull back to chamber the first round can be pulled out of the long gun so that you can use your finger to push it back. Initally the bolt is "inside" the long gun and if you don't pull it out you can still push it back to chamber a round but you have to use your fingertips only. I makes it much harder.

    4) Use Royal Purple ( when you oil/clean the long gun to help with the dirty ammo that the rem golden boy is. Mine would have all sort of issues after firing 100 rounds of the rem without a clenaing. Since I've been using the Royal Purple I can go over the 100 round count and when I clean the AR-7 it's not as dirty.

    In terms of the roughness you speak about yes mine was the same way. I did not polish it like you suggest just left it as is. Using the Royal Purple has helped make the gun work better for me.

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