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    Yardage Marker Signs in Bays

    A big thank you to Jim Mulligan for the donation of time and talent, we have yardage markers in the bays. Thank you Jim for improving the range for the benefit of the membership.

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    Thanks to all involved in this project.
    Jerry Thomas

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    Marksman igotdiesel2's Avatar

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    I was there today and didn't make it to the bays. Sure wish I would have to check out the signs. -Jason

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    Master cbhausen's Avatar

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    I've been there and seen them. Very professionally done, great job.
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    Back to Basics wtburnette's Avatar

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    They look great and are very helpful. Thanks Jim!

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    Plinker Gman75's Avatar

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    Thank you Jim! Great job.

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    Plinker numbaonecoltsfan's Avatar

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    Can't wait to check it out. Thank you!

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    Expert chizzle's Avatar

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    Markers are great! Thanks!

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    Nice job!!

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    Been quite some time since I had been out, but got out there today. Really nicely done. Honestly I was going pretty steady back a few years ago before the bays even got covered, etc. The bays being covered and the distance markers, etc are really nice.

    I now have renewed my interest and will try and get out there regularly again.

    There was a rimfire competition on the main range today (I knew in advance as I did remember to check the schedules) so I didn't go up to the main range except to sign in/out, wash my hands, etc after shooting. I need to check it out as well as I know there has been a lot of work done there as well.

    Not sure why I quite going out there regularly other than work taking up more time, and using my free time more for fishing but definitely will be getting back to it with some regularity now. The covered bays will make it so much nicer when the sun is beating down, etc.

    Interestingly, I was getting some small lead splash back from the adjacent bay. (There is a section of the separating berm well forward of where I was shooting that seems lower than the rest and seemed to be letting some lead from the neighboring bay come over).

    Come to think of it, I should have still checked out the main range and the other bay just to take a look see while I was there. Not sure why I didn't. I think the rimfire shooters were clearing out and the other shooter in the other bay left before I did. Oh well, I'll check it out when I go back. I think I was just happy that I had what had always been my preferred bay to myself that I didn't wander much.

    Also need to remember to being my spray paint to give the steel a fresh coat before shooting.

    Thanks for everyone that has put in all the improvement work. Really well done.
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