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  1. I'm scouting around for a reasonably priced Gretsch hollow body to set up primarily as a slide. It is quite dangerous financially to start looking at guitars, though. Like guns, it is too easy to stumble upon a really good deal on something you didn't even realize you wanted

    Making music myself is one of the few still reliable ways to soothe my restless soul
  2. Yeah. That's a good one. I'm kind of in the Jimmy Nails kind of groove though. And there isn't anything wrong with Jimmy.
  3. Go with the flow. Quite a few good songs are in minor keys. 'First Rule of Love' by Del Amitri is a favorite and it's in Dminor
  4. Yeah. I'll be glad when election season is over. It has really interfered with my creative juices. Covid was bad enough. For months, every song i've written has been in a minor key.
  5. Thanks for the rep. Too many of these threads are like a horrifying preview of the family infighting at Thanksgiving and Christmas that go on and on but never get resolved. I do not claim to be blameless in this
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