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  1. Naw, I've pretty much always been this way right up until people get up in my grill

    You might have to find pre 2016 posts to know it, though
  2. Thanks for the rep!
  3. Thanks
  4. Thank you for the rep. I do still find the bible fascinating reading, although I've been staying away from Revelation. I've been doing random readings, but the idea is nagging me in the back of my mind whether I'm looking for divine inspiration or seeking fortune telling, bible as I Ching. I've prayed about this, but the secular world is generating so much noise I fear God would have to 'hit me up aside the head' for me to really hear him
  5. Yep, probably hard to explain how it's just an 'innocent' count down timer to people who have had their sense of humor surgically removed
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