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  1. brandon lol
  2. Yes I am on gaoc, what was your username?
  3. Nice! Are you
    I was untill i sold the grand am for a bmw then i some how became banned, some shady people run that place. people said you couldn't put the camaro brakes on it with stock rims, found out you could. was a fun car other then it was always in the shop for something dumb. decided when the extended warrenty was almost up it was time to sell.
  4. I lowered mine as well, on eibachs, I did the camaro brakes as well, swapped to rear disc brakes, boxed the trailing arms, going to do the w body rear lateral links soon, made a cold air intake. 25%tint,strut bars, hptuners on the pcm, it has a gagt muffler on it (ecotec 2.2). Mine is a 02 se1 sedan. There are pics of it before the brake upgrade on a post about window tint on here somewhere. Just a bunch of boring **** on a family sedan. If you wanna know more just ask.
  5. Had an 04 gt coupe with the sct package. I lowered it, put camaro brakes on the front, tinted the windows pretty dark (windshield also) had a flow master 80 muffler on it, took out the resonator.. man it sounded better then a mustang gt, also had a tb spacer and cold air intake. at top end it would pull away pretty darned quick from stock, but she drank gas like it was nothing
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