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  1. Thank you for the rep. Many are willingly ignorant that the hypocrisy is what is infuriating. If they criticized all the same things when it wasn't Trump doing them, I'm fine with it. If their moral high dudgeon is of more recent vintage, it's a problem for me but I try to limit it to counterpunching when the gauntlet (in the form of hypocritical Trump criticism) is already thrown down
  2. Thanks for the rep. Believing there is a way out of the trap we are in is a test of faith just like any other
  3. Thank you for the rep. It's instructive how often people are unaware that the constraints used to design the experiment and take the data are what give the numbers real world meaning
  4. Thanks. Mac is my goto example for people who think academics somehow make superior leaders. In the dictionary, Cluster **** should be footnoted "see McNamara"
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