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    I'm leaving on Friday for USMC OCS, and I'd love to get rid of this before I leave, so send me a message and let's see what we can work out!


    Apple iPhone 4 AT&T 32GB Black with Accidental Damage Insurance
    No contract.

    Refurbished LNIB
    I purchased my iPhone 4 through Best Buy and got their Black Tie Protection Plan with it. Last week, I sent in my phone to get some scratches and a small crack on the back repaired, and they replaced the phone. That replacement phone is the one for sale or trade. It is a refurbished unit that has not been used since I got it from Best Buy.

    Best Buy Black Tie Protection Plan
    The Black Tie Protection Plan covers any defects in parts or manufacturing, as you'd expect. But more importantly, it covers accidental damage. Drop the phone and crack the glass? Covered. Phone decides to go for a swim? Covered. Just take the phone to any Best Buy store, they'll give you a dummy phone to hold you over while they send yours off for repair/replacement and get it back to you within 3-4 days.

    I checked with Best Buy and verified that the Black Tie Protection Plan is completely transferable to the new owner of the phone. I'll work with the buyer to transfer the plan at time of purchase.

    Apple is no longer producing this model. If you want to get 32GB capacity at this point, you have to either buy a used iPhone 4 (like mine!) or get a new iPhone 4S 32GB, which would be $750 without a contract.

    Click here: Apple - iPhone 4 - Technical Specifications

    I am not offering the accessories I have because they are so worn that I don't think it's appropriate to sell them. You can get a new set for cheap on Amazon:
    USB charging cable - $1.11 - link

    Wall charger - $2.41 - link

    Car charger - $2.68 - link

    No photos of the actual device are available.
    You know what an iPhone 4 looks like, but here's a reminder, just in case.

    Reason for Selling
    I got an iPhone 4S, so I don't need an extra iPhone 4 laying around.

    I live and work in Fort Wayne and Warsaw, but I also make trips to Indy or Bedford now and then. Depending on the timing of my trips and your trips, we can probably arrange something.

    Do not bump my thread to ask a question—PM me.
    Obey all the other rules for the classifieds, too! View them by clicking here.
    A face-to-face transaction is preferred, but shipping is available.
    Cash preferred. PayPal or credit card also accepted. Please, no checks (I hate going to the bank).

    $350 OBO
    Optional extra costs: shipping, fees for using PayPal or credit card.
    Compare to: This iPhone 4 also listed on INGO, half the capacity, not LNIB from being refurbished, no accident insurance.

    Trade Interests
    If you have something to trade, by all means, talk to me! It never hurts to ask.
    Partial trade offers welcome.
    • Sig Sauer pistols, particularly a double-stack model in .40SW (P226, P229, P250, others?)
    • Bersa Thunder in .40SW
    • 1911s of any sort or caliber
    • HK pistols
    • FN pistols
    • Good quality lever action rifles
    • 1968-1982 Chevrolet Corvette (May include my own car for the right trade)
    • More stuff! Make offers!

    I don't have a separate listing yet, but I do have a Gen-3 Glock 19 carry package worth $650 available for trade, too. Ask me about that, too! I've got some flexibility with it.

    The goal here is to find somebody who can make a mutually beneficial exchange of property.
    Now you know what I have to offer; so let's see what you have to offer

    If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have FaceTime, which lets you easily talk face-to-face with another iPhone, a Mac, or even an iPad or iPod touch.

    The iPhone 4 Retina display is the highest resolution phone screen, ever. Which means all your photos, movies, emails, and even apps look more amazing than ever before.

    If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the App Store, with the world's largest selection of apps that let you do more right from your phone.

    If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have the largest selection of games. And you don't have Game Center, which lets you play with your friends wherever they are.

    The AT&T iPhone 4 is capable of download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. In real-world usage, "the AT&T handset on average scores significantly better in speed tests: 62 percent faster for downloads and 38 percent faster for uploads," according to Wired.

    While the iPhone 4S on AT&T's 3G network can get you the same speeds as Verizon's new 4G LTE network, the trusty iPhone 4 still has the capacity to transmit data faster than the networks — all of them — typically allow devices to actually operate. In actual usage tests, the iPhone on AT&T's network outpaces the competition every time.

    If you want to get the fastest data, you want an AT&T iPhone.

    And with no contract, the phone I'm selling will still leave you eligible for upgrade when the fifth generation iPhone is released!

    Send me a PM with whatever trade offer you'd like to make!

    25% off until noon Sunday, 13 November 2011.

    Sale conditions from previous bump still apply.

    A new study released last week has found that the iPhone is still the fastest on AT&T.

    The study was done by Metrico Wireless, a firm which analyzes mobile performance, and included over 20,000 web page downloads, 8,000 data transfers while moving and stationary, and 6,000 voice calls.

    Here's the most interesting part:
    The maximum speed of the new iPhone 4S on Verizon is barely higher than the average speed of the old iPhone 4 on AT&T, and the maximum speed of the AT&T iPhone 4 is more than double the Verizon iPhone 4S max speed.

    For more information on this new study, click here.

    What This Means For You
    You'll be extremely happy with the speed that the iPhone 4 I am selling can deliver to you. When you consider the software enhancements in iOS 5 and Mobile Safari, the iPhone 4 can outperform most, if not all, of the competition.

    Since my iPhone 4 has not been used since it was refurbished, it is literally just as if it was New-In-Box. No blemishes, no secret water damage, never dropped, buttons still have that good clicky feel.

    Since it is covered by the Best Buy Black Tie Protection Plan, if ANYTHING happens to it, you can get a free replacement. That includes drops, a cracked screen, buttons that wear out, and water damage!

    And since I'm not forcing you to renew your contract with AT&T to get it, you can still upgrade your account later to get the newest device when you are eligible.

    With 32GB of space, this is a great phone with plenty of room for your favorite movies, TV shows, books, music, and photos, at only a fraction of the cost of a 32GB iPhone 4S.

    Make me an offer today!

    If you have a pre-paid plan with a Go Phone, you can still use my iPhone 4!

    There are many guides available online about how to use an iPhone 4 on a Go Phone plan. Here are a couple examples:

    1. One way is to pick up a new Micro SIM card.
    How to use iPhone 4 as a Pay-Go iPhone

    2. Another way is to just cut your standard SIM card down to Micro SIM size.
    How To Convert a SIM to a MicroSIM with a Meat Cleaver! - Solutios

    I'd be glad to work with the buyer to get the phone working with their pre-paid plan.

    What a great way to save costs on your cell phone plans while getting a freaking sweet phone out of it—tons of space, perfect condition, and even covered by insurance! You'll love this arrangement. Make me an offer!

    I just helped my dad cut the standard-size SIM card from his old iPhone 3GS down to fit into the Micro SIM slot in Mom's old iPhone 4.

    If you want help getting your Go Phone SIM to fit into my iPhone 4, I'll be glad to assist you! And it won't even be my first time.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Why should you pony up for an iPhone when there are cheaper phones that are just as good?

    There actually aren't any other phones that are just as good, but that's not what I'm going to argue right now.

    Did you know that every keystroke you make on your Android, BlackBerry, or Nokia phone is being logged?

    Yeah, of course you are skeptical. After all, I'm trying to sell an iPhone, right? Read this report from, and watch the demo:
    Researcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging Everything | Threat Level |

    You may enjoy another Wired article mentioned there, 9 Reasons Wired Readers Should Wear Tinfoil Hats | Threat Level |

    Why does Carrier IQ track your every keystroke on Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia phones? Is it really just for quality control information for carriers? Why aren't people more outraged over this than they were when the news broke that "Apple is tracking every iPhone's location," a bug which was quickly admitted and corrected within 2 weeks?

    Edited to add: Even more info on Carrier IQ, what it lets "administrators" see about your phone, and how they tried to shut down the man who discovered it and published it.
    Daring Fireball Linked List: What Is Carrier IQ?

    Edited again to add: Carrier IQ has responded, and tech expert and blogger John Gruber explains the corporate-speak.
    Daring Fireball: Translation From Corporate Jargon Doublespeak to English of Carrier IQ's 'Media Alert'

    Carrier IQ is also included on iPhones, but it does not have access to your private information as it does on competing platforms. Details: Carrier IQ Logging Software Found on Many Mobile Phones - Mac Rumors


    Who wants to buy my iPhone?

    The iPhone 4 has been very well reviewed. Check out what Engadget had to say…

    We can't overstate how high-end the design of the iPhone 4 is.
    Overall, the iPhone 4 outclasses pretty much every smartphone on the market in terms of industrial design. … And it's not just the way the phone looks; the materials feel good -- premium -- in your hands.
    In our testing, we had far, far fewer dropped calls than we experienced on our 3GS.
    We must say, pictures on the iPhone 4 look stunning.
    The battery life on the iPhone 4 has been outstanding thus far, exceeding our expectations for longevity during testing.
    Source: iPhone 4 review -- Engadget

    A report released by Nielson yesterday revealed that the iPhone 4, despite being nearly a year and a half old, was still the best selling phone of any type in the United States this quarter.

    Source: AppleInsider | Smartphone use exploding, Apple's iPhone 4 remains on top

    People love using an iPhone, and the iPhone 4 — with its speedy data connection, finely-tuned operating system, and other speed-boosting advances — is still an incredibly popular device. You'll love it, too. Get yours today!

    Looks like the iPhone 4S has finally taken over the top spot on the sales charts, pushing the iPhone 4 to second place. But what's amazing is that the almost-3-year-old iPhone 3GS is still selling better than every Android phone on the market, even brand new 4G phones!

    Contact me, and let's get you into your first iPhone right away—you'll love it!

    Source: iPhone 4S Closes Sales Gap on Android as Apple Sweeps Top Three Smartphone Models - Mac Rumors (Reporting on data released by NPD)

    Bump. Still available. Still can't edit the OP. Still taking offers for cash or trade!
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