I am cleaning out my absement so stuff I dont need or use is going away.

Priced are shipped except the baseball cards, we can work that out if you want it.

I have the following...

Pioneer U310BT in dash navigation that comes with all the wiring and adpaters to mate to a 2009 and up F-150 and probably most fords.

$200 for all of it

Infinity Kappa 682.9cf 6x8 speakers with moveable tweeters. These were oging to to go into my F-150 but I have sold it.

brand new never used, this is what they are.


$100 for both speakers

Lastly a complete lot of baseball cards

1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 Tops complete sealed sets.
1990 Fleer and Score complete sets
Four complete three ring binders full categorized by year
One file sized box of loose cards. I have no idea whats in it, I haven't went through it in years.

$150 for all of it.