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    Server room cleanout - pickup on 9/13 or 9/14 only

    Located on the west side of Indy near 465 and Sam Jones.

    I'm cleaning out our server room and we've got tons of old stuff that is going to be either recycled or trashed. Anything not gone by tomorrow is going to be gone one way or another.
    Flatscreen monitors (mostly 17"-19", most VGA only)
    Computer power cables
    Network cables
    Some cable termination stuff
    Dell server rails for rack mounting servers
    Rack shelves (one still in box, two used)
    Loose memory sticks (mostly older stuff)
    A handful of old server chassis (no hard drives)
    A little bit of optical fiber termination equipment
    Power strips

    No complete systems available

    Anyone interested in stopping by to take a look contact me via PM.

    I'm going shooting over lunch today, but otherwise should be available most of the work day today and tomorrow.

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    Last call. Had two INGOers stop by and harvest some stuff.

    No longer available:
    Most of the monitors
    A set of rails
    Power strips

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