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    Silver: 90% Washington Quarters

    All lots sold.

    I have a total of 150 pre-65 Washington Quarters for sale. The majority, say 60%-70%, are dated 1960-1964. Roughly 20% or so are 1950s and 10% are 1940s. Most are in really good condition with a very few of the oldest showing expected wear. I have bought mixed coins like this online before and the condition of these is better than typical. See the photo below. I am selling these in three lots of 50 coins each, all lots have a similar proportion of the above date ranges.

    Current prices for $1.00 face value of 90% silver from Provident, SD Bullion, JM Bullion in $10 lots are running from $13.30/$1 FV to
    $14.77/$1 FV with most in the low to middle $13s/$1FV range. I am pricing these well below that and selling in three lots of 50 coins each or $12.50 FV per lot.

    One lot of 50 quarters, $12.50 face value, is priced at $160.00 shipped.

    Buy all three lots for $460.00 shipped. One Lot Sold, two lots still available for $160.00 shipped each.

    I mainly want to sell but will consider trades including a full size or 4" compact S&W M&P 2.0 9mm or Beretta 92X compact I reserve the right to change the asking price based on the market. Once a sale is agreed, the price is firm.

    Please PM only, photo below.

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