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Thread: Aftermarket Jeep parts, new/used. Wheels/tires, lift parts, sliders, etc.

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    Aftermarket Jeep parts, new/used. Wheels/tires, lift parts, sliders, etc.

    This is all stuff that was either used on, or bought for, my 2016 JKU. I no longer have it so this stuff needs to go before I end up buying another one.
    Some of it will also fit a 2-door, or different years, or a Gladiator.

    Most of this will have to be picked up locally, would be pretty difficult to ship.
    I'll add pics at the end.

    Quantity (5) Method Racing Mesh wheels, 18"x9", with LT305/70R18 (35"x12.5Ē) 10-ply Kanati Mud Hog tires, with TPMS sensors installed. 2 front tires were on the Jeep for 3 months, spare has never been ridden on, rears have 12/32" tread remaining- LOTS of life left. The spare tire has an LED trailer lamp mounted in the center cap, to work as a third brake light, since I had an aftermarket tire carrier without a light. $1500 for all 5. (I'm into these well over $2500 with TPMS and mounting and balancing)

    Frame mounted Rock Sliders. These don't mount to the body like the flimsy factory sliders or steps, they mount to 4 frame/body bolts on each side. They provide armor against door dings, light colisions, rock scratches, etc. These are not steps, and they don't cause any lost ground clearance, and they fit very close to the body without actually touching it. $130

    Rough Country extended sway bar links, adjustable rear track bar bracket and shock extensions. These are used and some parts show some surface rust but they'll work great and include hardware. $50.

    Front dash 2-way 3.5Ē speakers, PowerBass, including bass blockers/capacitors. These will barely fit in the factory 2" speaker locations (newer JKs only, not the ones with the vertical tweeter pods) and they sound great. Never abused. $25.

    Quantity (5) LED lamp replacements- 2 for the reverse lights and 3 for interior. Not sure of brand, they worked great. $30 for all 5.

    4x unbranded roll bar grab handles (nylon straps, d-rings, velcro, rubber handles- these are supposed to be black but they look blue to me). 2 have been mounted and 2 are NIB. $25 for all 4.

    TYGER brand trailer harness and 4-way plug ($22), 4" drop hitch & ball, ($25) and mount for trailer plug. The plug installs easily behind the drivers side taillight and drops down through an existing body hole to the trailer hitch location.

    New Rugged Ridge Exhaust Extensions kit, Part # 17606.76. $22.

    New MBRP 130718 spare tire extender (allows a larger tire on the factory spare tire mount, it relocates the tire up 3" and out 2"). $30

    New Barricade Rectangular side-view "adventure" mirrors, these mount in the door hinge locations when the doors are removed. My wife got these for me for my birthday and I haven't taken the doors off since. $50

    New Rough Country front and rear extended stainless braided brake lines. Part numbers 89707 and 89708 respectively. Very well made, Banjo connections, will work with up to a 6" lift (maybe more). Unopened, includes all hardware. $100 for both sets.

    New JKS 3.5" J-Spec lift springs. UNUSED, still in box. I got these to replace a spacer lift, and never got around to installing them. They're in perfect condition, still in the plastic, and only $225.

    I can accept cash in person, or some of the small things that I could ship we can work out an alternative. Take ALL of it and I'll make you a smoking deal.

    Attaching pics of the wheels and tires, a pic of the springs (shocks have already been sold), and a couple pics of how the jeep looked with the wheels/tires mounted that also show the rock sliders. I can provide better pics of any individual item(s) if needed.

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    1 week bump.

    Come on, Jeep guys, itís still summer!

    Iíll entertain trade offers of interesting things that take up less garage space. It would be nice to get my wifeís car in the garage this winter too...

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    Bump, still available.

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    One week bump.

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    I've still got this stuff.
    It's valuable and takes up a lot of room in the garage, I'm open to trading for something easier to store, and if anyone knows of any local Jeep group classifieds or something please let me know- I can't really ship most of this but I don't have a large personal network of Jeep guys- and I REALLY don't want to deal with Craigslist or the like.

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    1-week bump.
    I keep having to squeeze around this stuff in the garage, somebody make me a fair offer. I can even help install stuff if you don't have the means (I spent over 20 years in the aftermarket automotive business).

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    1 week bump.

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    Still available.

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    Make me a reasonable offer on any or all of this stuff, I'm willing to deal.

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