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Thread: Black iPhone 7 Plus, 32gb, AT&T, with accessories.

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    Black iPhone 7 Plus, 32gb, AT&T, with accessories.

    I bought this phone outright a few years back for $717, but recently bought newer/smaller phone. It's always worked perfectly.

    The 7 Plus is the one with the larger screen, this has been a GREAT phone for me.
    It's always been in a case, so the backside is perfect, and it spent 95% of its life with a screen protector on it but there are some extremely light scuff marks on the front that don't affect performance at all. They may polish out, I didn't try.

    I don't know anything about unlocking or what other networks it may or may not work with, I bought it at the AT&T store and have simply used it with AT&T since day 1.

    I'm including a new tempered glass tinted privacy screen protector, and a Ringke honey/smoked clear case.
    The original accessories (earpods with lightning connector, lightning to USB cable, and USB power adapter) are included, but a SIM card and a lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter are not included. You can use your own SIM card or get one from your service provider, and the included earbuds will plug right in without an adapter. It will also work via WiFi without a SIM card, if you just want something like a mini tablet. For your kid for games, as a portable monitor for your security cameras, as a remote with volume and speakers for your Roku, etc.
    I don't recall what iOS it was last running, but it was something prior to iOS14. 13.6 maybe.

    Looking for $250 $225 cash FTF in the Carmel/Westfield area. I can also insure and ship this for another $9. PayPal F&F, Zelle/Quickpay, money order/check, whatever. Might be open to trades.

    Communication via site IM please.

    Thanks INGO! [img]/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    I've still got this.
    I might be interested in trading it for something, let me know if you've got something I might be interested in- New or vintage electronics, gift cards, car stuff, gun stuff or magazines, etc.


    Side note, I'm really missing the screen size of this phone. My new one is an Xs and even though it's supposed to have a larger screen it's taller and skinnier because of the lack of a home button so it's just measured differently. The 7 Plus has a noticeably larger screen. I'm really wishing I'd gotten the XsMax instead, but I think the 7 Plus is really the perfect size.

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    1-week bump.

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    Still available.

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    Price drop to $225.

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    Would a price of $200 get this sold?

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