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    Paul Zint gunsmithing / shop

    Just curious as to whether or not anyone's done business with Paul Zint gunsmithing out of Winchester KY?

    Tactical Solutions Ruger Pistol 10/22 Rifle Barrels Custom Stocks is their website; absolutely GREAT prices listed...

    I'd like to throw some money his way for a PacLite Upper, but so far they haven't returned my email. (no biggy, it's only been 24 hours!)

    Just wondering if anyone's traded with them, that's all.


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    I'm a Tactical Solutions dealer as well. It's under Lock'n Load LLC. I don't keep an inventory though. I just got my 2009 dealers pricelist today. Like everything else these days, availability might be an issue. I know in times past Paul has had a booth at the Indy 1500. He had a display of some 10/22 barrels and stocks. Not sure if he had any PacLite uppers.

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    Paul is an old time silhouette shooter and has done a lot for shooting sports in his area and is a friend of my family. I have never had nor heard of any issues with him on anything. I have also made a few purchases from him. Good guy to work with.


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