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    CDNN Sports- Buyer Beware

    I purchased two magazines from CDNN sports for my SAR K2 45. The picture on the website was exactly like my factory magazines. When they arrived they were actually magazines for a ParaOrdinance P14 45. Research shows yes, they are both made by MecGar but the P14 magazines won't lock the slide back. Well, I want what I paid for.

    I contacted customer service and they agreed with my assessment and sent me a return label. The magazines go back and I hear nothing for over a week, expecting to get some sort of confirmation about an exchange. I call them to ask what's going on and I am told that they only process returns on Monday and Tuesday. Great. More waiting.

    Today, out of nowhere I get an email receipt for a standard refund minus shipping. No mention of an exchange. I call them to ask what's going on now, and customer service tells me that those magazines are indeed correct and I should look at the picture making it out like I'm the idiot here. They changed it this morning, even though they are still listed as original equipment.

    I am less than pleased. They have no idea how much business they've just lost from me.
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    I've done business with them in the past but always whole guns, not parts. But never had an issue. Sorry to hear of the poor response.
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    I'm sorry about it too. This was my first time ordering from them and I was not impressed in the least. Despite checking "no" several times during checkout they still added me to their email list. During my excessive wait to sort out this sad episode they bombed my inbox with ads. Depending on the outcome of this transaction I was poised to order a bunch of things. Not now.

    What tore it was acting like it was my fault when it was most likely my transaction that pointed out the fact they had a problem in the first place prompting them to change the picture. I told them this and added that the fact that the old picture of a factory magazine with the Sarsilmaz logo clearly on it was THE deciding factor in me ordering them.

    It's a sloppy way to do business, and a bit underhanded. Certainly no way to keep a customer.
    Warning! Driver carries MORE than $20 in ammunition.

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    I have ordered thing from them several times over the years, and I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Sorry to hear about your experience.
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    Every last business/company has customer service or quality control issues.
    Every single one, without exception.

    That said, I have receipts for much more money than I care to admit that have CDNN's logo on them.
    I have had zero issues with any order from them.

    I would try calling the company again.
    This time ask for a supervisor.
    Tell them about your experience, and POLITELY express your displeasure.
    Then ask if their company would have any interest in retaining your business, and that of your acquaintances.

    Phone reps have very little leeway in what they can do to placate a customers complaint.
    My new favorite phrase when dealing with these people is. "I'm sorry, but that answer is unacceptable. I want to talk to your superior."

    Don't back down, keep climbing the ladder until you get satisfaction, but above all, be courteous, polite, and professional.
    Getting upset with a phone rep does nothing more than raise your blood pressure.
    Let them know that if you feel you have been wronged and they don't want to work WITH you to resolve the issue, then you have no other recourse but to bad-mouth their company to anyone who will listen.

    Bad publicity is the LAST thing a retail business wants, if they want to stay in business.
    CDNN is a reputable company, but no company is perfect.
    I do understand your frustration, but complaining about it on social media should be your last resort.

    Good luck.
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    I have bought mags from them several times and never had any need for customer support. But I always ordered pretty common mags.

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    I've ordered ak mags from them in the past with no issues.

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    I have a lot of experience with buying but not returning so I can't comment on that. No issues with buying. Sorry for your troubles.
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    Bought many guns and mags from them over the years. No problems whatsoever.
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    I've started taking screenshots with my phone of guns/ammo/accessories (descriptions and pictures) that I'm buying so that I can reference it later if necessary. If everything turns out copacetic then delete.
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