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    I bought a complete 9mm pistol upper (they call it a Havoc) from Karri’s Guns to complete an AR pistol project. Yesterday I went to put the upper on the lower and found the handguard to be loose. The handguard clamps to the barrel nut via two screws on a clamp tab at the 6 o’clock position on the handguard. Neither screw was tightened at all, and were about two full threads away from being even hand tight. No big deal, I can turn screws, which I did. Then I discover the barrel nut is also loose, like barely hand-tight loose. I removed the handguard and barrel nut and decided to check the muzzle device. Surprise surprise, it was also only hand fitted. I might as well have ordered the parts separately to build it myself since I had to completely disassemble, torque, and reassemble. Once it was built, it ran like a champ, but I’m kinda annoyed that I had to build it.
    I emailed Karri’s and told them of the issue basically because I figured they’d want to know. They replied and thanked me for my email.
    I can’t say I’m completely satisfied, but not dissatisfied either. Had I not possessed the tools and knowledge to build an upper, it could have been a different story.
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    Sounds like someone screwed the pooch on QC before that went out...
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    I have gotten the exact same thing from PSA. 2 times actually. nd this is just one of several reasons they no longer get my money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KokomoDave View Post
    Sounds like someone screwed the pooch on QC before that went out...
    Sounds like the pooch was the only thing that got screwed properly in that process...

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