Not sure if this should go here or under local? It's kind of BOTH.

Buck and Jakes are listed as a Gallery of Guns/Gun Genie dealer but apparently no one currently working there has any idea how it works! I placed an order and paid the down payment. 4 days later still no call or email from BuckandJakes. So I call them using the number listed on GoG. I talked to two people at this number (the Evansville store) neither had any idea what I was talking about and finally one of them said "oh the online thing - that's the Boonville store"..."Why did you call this one?".

So I called the Boonville store and again NO ONE KNEW what Gallery of Guns/Gun Genie was! They handed me off to 2 or 3 people until I reached the lady that handles online orders. She said they wouldn't have ANY record of something until it actually got to them.

So I hung up and called Gallery of Guns directly. They said that's NOT HOW IT WORKS. They said the Dealers listed on GoG will not get any order sent to them until they process the order after GoG receives the down payment. So basically my GoG order just set there for 4 days and would have set there for an ETERNITY because BuckandJakes have no idea what they are doing! The GoG guy cancelled the order for me and refunded the deposit. So I placed the order from an Online shop (in another state) and had it transferred to Top Shot of Evansville (formerly J&S) without incident (and it in a speedy 3 days). GoG is supposed to be a way to use your local dealer online. So BuckandJakes lost a 500 dollar sale and earned this bad review.